Loose Ends

Loose Ends


M/F Contemporary Erotic Romance


When Jonathan and Lauren met at University, it should have been the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Sadly, it wasn’t to be, and Jonathan became ‘the one that got away.’ Years later, at a University reunion, Jonathan shows up unexpectedly throwing Lauren into turmoil. The pair start talking, and soon all the old feelings come back. But will this time be different, or will their mutual affection continue to be unrequited?

Word count: 4,441


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When Kat had called to tell me about the five-year University reunion, my reaction had been, “So?”

“Whaddya mean, so? You have to come! It’ll be a laugh. We’ll be able to find out how everyone’s getting on, what they’ve done with their lives and stuff.”

“Why do you want to know how everyone’s getting on? You’ve never bothered before and nor have I. I’ve only ever kept in touch with you and Alex, and there’s a bloody good reason for that.”

“Stop being such a stick in the mud! Come on, not everyone was that bad. There might be some interesting stories to hear. Somebody could be rich or famous. Or both!”

I stopped resisting. When Kat had a plan, it was futile to object.

So there I was with Kat and Alex, heading into the Student Union bar. I pushed open the double doors. It was as if we’d walked into some kind of time warp. The bar itself looked almost the same, a lick of paint here and there, but nothing major. As for the people, they seemed to have changed even less. Sure, they were better dressed (well, some of them were) and a little older, but everyone was the same.

The loner was still loitering at the very end of the bar, not engaging with anyone. The geeks had gravitated toward one another. The popular kids were strutting their stuff, their conversation no doubt as mindless and dull as it had always been. Kat, Alex and I were still hanging around together.

Nobody seemed to have brought partners. I hadn’t actually seen any information regarding the event. My intel had all come from Kat, so maybe partners weren’t invited. Or perhaps everyone just wanted to come alone and re-enact their young, free and single days.

Either way, it was going to be a looong night. I headed for the bar with Kat and Alex close behind.

“What’ll it be?” asked the barman, who looked to be a current student earning some extra cash. I suddenly felt old, despite not looking that much older than him.

“Make mine a vodka and Coke, no ice, please.”

As I turned to the girls to find out what they wanted, I saw the class busybody walking toward us. She smiled and waved.

“Better make that a double,” I amended. Then under my breath, “I think I’m gonna need it.”

Soon I remembered why I hadn’t been up for this in the first place. The busybody was driving me up the wall. My face and neck hurt from all the smiling and nodding. Jenny, or whatever her name was, was currently on maternity leave from her (wonderful) job. Her “perfect” husband had stayed home to look after their “delightful” children so she could come to the reunion and see how everyone was getting on. Despite this statement, she hadn’t asked any of us a single question. She was too busy talking about herself.

I zoned out of Jenny’s inane chatter and stared into the middle distance. Suddenly, something moved into my line of sight that snapped me back into the land of the living. Or should I say someone.

“Fuck!” I exclaimed, gaining a disapproving look from Mrs. Busybody and puzzled ones from the girls.

“He’s fucking here!”

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“…a sinfully erotic short tale about the one who got away and what happens when you once again meet up with that person… Ms. Felthouse packs much in twenty pages as she ramps up the sex and allows it to explode when the main characters come together. Her detailed descriptions leave nothing to the imagination as she blew up my e-reader with her writing. Kudos to Ms. Felthouse for giving us sizzling sex and erotic fantasy.” 4 out of 5, The Jeep Diva


“A lovely tale that has history and a future with characters who are not strangers, making it all the more believable and emotional when they finally get it together. I wanted more but I was happy with the outcome, it was after all just a peep into Lauren’s life, one very sexy peep on one very hot night of her life.” 5 out of 5, Happily Ever After Reviews


“Wonderfully written this is an Erotic Tardis taking you back to memories of what might have been, definitely one for those long dark teatimes of the soul when you crave some real lusty passion to escape with.” 5 out of 5, SexyReads.co.uk


“Loose Ends is a hot romp perfect for those small bits of time you get to yourself and just want to enjoy a sexy read. This is my first book from Lucy Felthouse but I can guarantee you it will not be the last! I loved her writing and her great story telling! If you want a quick bedtime story this novella will deliver sweet dreams for sure!” Night Owl Reviews


“…Felthouse steamed up the pages for me. This fast-paced novella had me wanting more for Johnathan and Lauren. I would recommend this erotic romance novella to anyone looking for a quickie and pleasurable needs met.” 5 out of 5, CBLS Reviews


“Loose Ends is a great book. It makes one think of some of the people that maybe got away from them during their lives. I would recommend Loose Ends to anyone who has a special memory of past loves.” 4 out of 5, Sizzling Hot Book Reviews


“Felthouse’s style is sharp, with just enough attention to detail, and fast paced. I liked that she didn’t try to tie up all the loose ends but left the ending open; a definitive happy ending would have weakened the story. “Loose Ends” is short, sweet and fun to read.” Bea’s Book Nook


“The story flowed smoothly and the chemistry between the two main characters was very hot. The scene where they finally got together was easily one of the steamiest scenes I’ve ever read.” All Things Books