Love’s Reprise

Love's Reprise


F/F Erotic Romance


Love failed the first time. Will a second chance be enough?

Love gets a reprise in these short stories by best-selling authors Cassandre Dayne, Lucy Felthouse, Kate Richards, Olivia Starke, and Anastasia Vitsky. All about women’s relationships with women, the romance and erotica are deep and abiding with musical interludes flowing throughout. Sprinkled with spanking, a little BDSM, eroticism, and true friendship, these stories tell of women who find love thanks to a second chance.

Anastasia Vitsky brings us a story about Leila and her lover Carene. Leila struggles to recover her career as a classical violinist, and Carene fights for the courage to ask Leila to stay. Music plays a part in Cassandre Dayne’s, “Broken Dreams,” a story about the lead singer of a rock band who finds love with her former friend, veterinarian Samantha Mason. Their deep, dark cravings are finally revealed. In Lucy Felthouse’s story, ex-best friends Eden and Janine are forced to re-evaluate their estrangement when their siblings marry. Kate Richards tells the story of pediatric nurse Kim, who has withdrawn into herself due to the loss of the one she loves, but she finds herself teased out of herself when she meets Nora. The only problem is that she doesn’t know if she can take a chance on love again.

Find the passion, the intimacy, and the desire among women in this anthology written entirely by women. Love’s Reprise will melt your heart on even the coolest days.



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Chapter One

Eden had dreaded this day since the moment her sister, Carol, had announced she was getting married. Obviously a wedding should be a happy occasion, a cause for celebration.

But not when your sister planned to marry the brother of your ex best friend. She’d done a successful job of avoiding said ex best friend for ten years, crying off any get-togethers or school reunions and even her sister’s engagement and hen parties. Understandably, it had made her incredibly unpopular with Carol and their parents, but she’d had to put up with their displeasure.

Today, though, Janine or no Janine, Eden would go to her sister’s wedding. It was kind of crucial, really, given Carol had chosen her as chief bridesmaid. Thankfully, Janine hadn’t been asked to be a bridesmaid. That would have been problematic.

“I still don’t understand what happened between the two of you. What made you fall out so badly you still want to avoid her?” Carol asked as the hairdresser put the finishing touches to her up-do, then settled her tiara on top of it, leaving the attached veil trailing down her back for now.

Well you wouldn’t, would you, Eden thought, trying hard not to let her emotions show on her face, you’ve never been confused about your sexuality and come on to your best friend, have you? But she kept quiet, determined not to ruin her sister’s special day.

“Can you even remember what happened?” Carol continued, thanking the hairdresser and standing up. She moved over to the full-length mirror in the room and examined herself from every angle. The hairdresser held up another mirror so the bride could see the back of her hair. She nodded.

“Yes,” Eden replied shortly, then added, “You look beautiful sis. Really gorgeous.”

Inside her head, though, she had already begun reliving that fateful night.

“Yeah! ‘Livin’ on a Prayer,’ I love this one! Come on, let’s dance,” Eden said, grabbing Janine’s hand and pulling her away from the bar.

“All right, all right, I’m coming. Let me grab my drink!”

They made their way, cheap alcopops in hand, onto the dance floor comprised of a series of square tiles that lit up in various colors, flashing on and off and changing color in time to the music. It was cheesy as hell, and the girls loved it. So did every teenager within a ten-mile radius. The place was packed, and they adored the fact that they met new people all the time, people they hadn’t gone to school with. Guys they hadn’t gone to school with. It was new, exciting, grown-up. They were on the very edge of adulthood, and they couldn’t be happier about it.

They reached the flashing floor tiles and began jumping around to the song—taking care not to spill their drinks—and sang along at the top of their voices. Mercifully, no one could hear them over the thumping music. Pop Idol hopefuls they were not. But they didn’t care. They were having fun, and that was what life was all about, wasn’t it?

Their insane bopping didn’t get a second glance. After all, every other person in the place was doing the same thing despite the fact the song was released when they were in their cots, or possibly even before some of them were born. The club heaved, the atmosphere charged, electric. Something life-changing was going to happen, Eden knew it.

The song faded, replaced by Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” The place erupted. Well, the female contingent did, anyway. The boys shifted off the dance floor and watched, amused, as the dancing grew wilder.

“Hey,” Eden said, leaning forward to shout to her friend, “Those boys over there are watching us. Do you see them? The cute ones in the dark t-shirts.”

“I see them,” Janine replied, taking a swig of her drink. “Shall we give them something to really watch?”

“What do you have in mind?”

“I dunno, a sexy dance or something? Give ‘em a bit of a tease? Perhaps they’ll come over and chat us up then.”

“Sounds good to me. Come ‘ere then.”

With that, they moved so they danced chest-to-chest, hip-to-hip. They slung their free arms around each other’s necks and swayed together, happy and smiling. It was a slow dance to a fast song, but it didn’t matter.

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