Naughty Delivery

Naughty Delivery


M/F BDSM Erotica


Sonia and Ben have decided to bring some more spice into their bedroom by ordering some sex toys off the Internet. The anticipation of their new gadgets’ arrival ramps up their passion tenfold, and by the time their naughty delivery turns up the couple are at fever pitch!

But a mix-up with the package leaves Sonia and Ben with some toys they didn’t expect. Reluctant to let it spoil their sexy fun, the pair experiment and end up discovering a world of kinky sex play that they’ve never even considered!

Word count: 2,360


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Sonia moved restlessly through the house; cleaning. She hated housework at the best of times, but when she was on tenterhooks like this, the dust certainly didn’t have much to fear.

She was saved from her half-hearted duster-flicking by a knock at the door. Abandoning the cloth with undisguised glee, Sonia rushed to the front door. Unlocking it, she greeted the delivery guy with a maniacal grin. Barely noticing his wary expression, Sonia signed his hand-held machine and closed the door behind him, clutching the box with delight.
Sonia rushed out to the garden.

“Ben! Ben, it’s here!”

Ben looked up from where he’d been weeding the garden, a smile spreading across his face. Sonia’s excitement was catching. Plus, he was just as interested in the contents of the package as she was.

Standing, he followed his girlfriend as she scampered back into the house, retrieved a pair of scissors from the kitchen drawer and made her way upstairs. Ben paused to wash his dirt-encrusted hands in the kitchen before following Sonia to the bedroom.

Upstairs, she was sitting cross-legged on their bed, scissors at the ready. Ben tucked his lanky frame into a mirror image of Sonia’s position, and nodded.

“Go on then,” he said, “open it.”

She didn’t need prompting twice. Slicing away at the tape sealing the box, Sonia was careful not to damage the contents. When it was done, she put the scissors down and waggled her eyebrows and fingers theatrically before folding back the flaps of the box.

Sinking her fingers into the polystyrene packing chips, Sonia resisted the childish temptation to scoop some up and throw them around. She’d only have to tidy them up, and she thought that time would be much better spent enjoying the contents of the parcel.

It was the first time they’d ordered sex toys from the Internet. Actually, it was the first time they’d purchased any sex toys, full stop. Ben and Sonia had always been happy with their sex life, but after reading one too many articles about how much fun vibrators and things were, they’d decided to find out what all the fuss was about.

They’d giggled like naughty schoolchildren as they scoured their website of choice, browsing through all the naughty things available for sale. After gawping wide-eyed and open-mouthed at several scary-looking implements definitely not designed for beginners, they’d navigated back to the more vanilla couples’ toys.

Following some umm-ing and ahh-ing, they made their choices, placed the order and waited. However, things weren’t quite the same after they’d clicked that ‘Confirm Purchase’ button. In the days that followed, their normal routine was punctuated with spontaneous sex. It usually followed a conversation about the various things they’d seen on the website, not to mention the items that were winging their way through the postal system, en route to their house.

Or so they thought.

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“The sex scenes are fantastically smutty, no detail is too graphic for this writer and I do enjoy the plethora of emotional/physical detail Lucy Felthouse goes into; it certainly does cause a certain amount of heat to develop under the collar!” 4 out of 5, Scorching Book Reviews


“Naughty Delivery is a quick but tantalizing read about a couple who try something new. The story is cute, sexy, and a very fun read. I enjoyed reading this novella, and I will be happy to read more by Lucy Felthouse in the future.” 4 out of 5, Book Savvy Babe


“This was a sexy, fun short story about a couple testing their boundaries and finding out how much they enjoyed doing it. They are comfortable enough with each other that Sonia was able to let go and just enjoy the experience. I would’ve loved to read more about this couple – it was just a glimpse into their lives but I still enjoyed it a lot. I loved this short story. It was hot and steamy and I give Naughty Delivery 4 Flaming Hearts.” 4 out of 5, Heather’s Musings


“Naughty Delivery by Lucy Felthouse was a quick read and I really thought the way she wrote the main characters as being new to sex toys made the story better. How Ben and Sonia were both willing to try something new to keep their relationship fresh was great.The mix-up at the beginning of the story was funny and I definitely would recommend Naughty Delivery to my friends.” All Things Books


“This is a very short read. One I classify as the read before bed, if you know what I mean. Both characters were well written and I really enjoyed this. I recommend it to anyone who likes beginner BDSM. It kinda gives you a taste on that genre.” 4 out of 5, Beck’s Book Picks


“You might wonder what an author can do with nine pages. Let me assure you, when you’re Lucy Felthouse, all sorts of things can happen in those few pages, enough to make a reader’s mind envision a tale that will make them blush! Naughty Delivery is more than naughty. This story is outright HOT, STEAMY, and filled with the imagination of an author that made me go red in the face and curl my toes. Want something wicked to read with the honey tonight? Pick up your copy, it’s a guaranteed spicy 4 stars!” At Your Fingertips