Punish Me Good

Punish Me Good


M/F Fem-Dom Erotica


Two hot tales of fem-dom and BDSM that you won’t forget.

Punish Me Good

Gorgeous, sexually talented and above all, completely obedient, Malachi loves to please his beautiful mistress. Humiliation, spanking, switching; he’ll take it all and more, for the heady taste of Avery is something he literally cannot live without.

Trophy Boyfriend

Ethan is what most would call eye candy. He looks good, and is dynamite in the sack. Sadly, he’s also as dumb as a box of rocks, a fact that his girlfriend can no longer overlook. Deciding to end things with the minimum of fuss, she plans for their relationship to go out with a bang.

Trophy Boyfriend has been previously published in Cleis Press anthology, Best Bondage Erotica 2012.

Word count: 4,595


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Punish Me Good

Malachi knelt before his mistress, looking up at her with complete reverence.

“What would you have me do, mistress?”

Tilting her head to one side, she licked her scarlet lips as she studied her slave. Her mind mulled over the possibilities. There were many. But since she was in charge, she started with her favourite.

“OK, slave. Since you ask so nicely, there are a few things you can do for me. First of all, you can lick my pussy.”

Towering over her sub, Avery shifted her legs apart and smiled as Malachi eagerly shuffled between them, his hands bound behind his back. She was a tough taskmaster when it came to oral sex, so Malachi had his work cut out for him, especially without the assistance of his hands.

Wearing her favourite blood-red PVC corset with matching suspender belt, no panties, and thigh-high boots, Avery knew she looked every inch the slut. What’s more, she didn’t care. She felt powerful, sexy, and totally deserving of her position as Malachi’s mistress.

Malachi, on the other hand, didn’t cut such an imposing figure. He knelt between his mistress’ shapely thighs, lapping at her cunt, wearing nothing but a collar and handcuffs. Determined to emasculate him further, she’d used pink fluffy cuffs. Despite his subservient behaviour, Malachi’s cock seemed to have taken on a life all its own. Rising rigid and impressive from the nest of dark blonde curls at the juncture of his thighs, it nestled against his stomach, oozing pre-come so copiously that it ran down his shaft.

Avery cast a sneaky look at his cock and gulped inwardly as she imagined its bulbous head splitting apart her pussy lips and burying deep inside her. She loved the lifestyle and all the kink and mind games that went with it – but she wasn’t averse to a good old-fashioned straight fuck every now and again. Especially from Malachi.

This time, however, Malachi was definitely going to have to earn his reward. Reaching down to grip his blonde tresses roughly between her fingers, she rubbed herself off against his face. Desperate to please, Malachi’s skilled tongue worked in and around her pussy, massaging her clit and sucking her labia until she was ready to explode. Her clit was massively engorged, full of the blood she needed to survive. Then, with a deft flick of his tongue, Malachi made her come.

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Top Pick, Miz Love Loves Books“Punish Me Good is actually two short stories. Both are about female domination and in true Felthouse style get straight to the point and are hot, hot, hot! Two hot short stories perfect for reading on a coffee break. You won’t be disappointed but you might squirm on your seat!” Top Pick, Miz Love Loves Books


“Punish Me Good is filled with two very short quick sexy reads by the amazing Lucy Felthouse! With some very explicit scenes that are sure to get you hot under the collar!” A Redheads Guilty Reads


“This novella was sexually gratifying and sexually exciting as each scene unfolds. Lucy Felthouse produces two female Doms that gave BDSM a bit of sexy mix with a bit of attitude. Though this is a reversal of power for me with female Doms, this was still very much a BDSM / D.R.I.P worthy read. I was sad to see it end.” 5 out of 5, Romance Novel Junkies


“Overall I found both flashy stories to be pleasantly sweet. They are a teaser which makes me want to read a full length book by Ms. Felthouse. I recommend this story to those who want to read a bit of light femdom.” BDSM Book Reviews


“…both books were a good fast paced read with great sex but I would have loved a longer version to both stories. A great book to grab for that “Me time” moment and those that enjoy a little BDSM within the pages.” Midnight Boudoir