Red Hot Reads 2

Red Hot Reads 2


Red Hot Reads 2 offers a fabulous selection of erotic short stories, including my story, Beach Babe. Megan’s relaxing holiday on a secluded island hots up when she meets a sex god while sunbathing on the beach. Grab the eBook to find out what happens…


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Beach Babe

Relaxing on the secluded beach, Megan felt content. Well, almost content. She was desperately horny and there’d been no sexy men in sight for the duration of her trip. Her own fault, she knew. Exotic holidays were all well and good, but tiny islands meant a shortage of people, which unfortunately included hot guys. Instead, she’d had to resort to frequent daydreams and masturbation. However, as something suddenly blocked out her rays of sunshine, Megan opened her eyes and suspected things were about to change.

Stood over her – towering over her in fact – was a god. Megan wondered briefly if she’d got sunstroke and was delirious, such was the vision before her. A tall, muscular guy with skin the colour of a coconut shell. Cropped black hair, luscious lips and the most beautiful green eyes she’d ever seen. Clad in only a pair of knee length shorts and flip flops, she was able to fully appreciate him in all his glory. Yep, Megan thought to herself, things are definitely looking up!

Smiling, she said to the god, “Hi.”

He smiled back, shifting awkwardly from foot to foot and shrugged.

“What’s the matter, cat got your tongue?”

The guy looked embarrassed, placed a hand to his bare chest, and said, “No English.”

His heavy foreign accent told Megan everything she needed to know. A lost cause. Damn it, finally a hot guy arrives and he doesn’t speak English. No way of knowing who he is, where he’s from or how old he is. Mind you, pondered Megan, is that necessarily a bad thing?

She grinned again. She wasn’t looking for anything high-maintenance, just sex. This could be the perfect opportunity. They’d never know anything about one another, let alone be able to arrange to meet again. That sealed the deal for Megan. Now, she simply had to attempt to seduce the guy without using words. Noticing him checking her out, she realised it wouldn’t be all that difficult.

Sitting up on her towel, Megan shuffled across and patted the space beside her, smiling up at her object of lust. He really was quite something. He clearly had a manual job as he was ripped to perfection; enormous biceps and forearms and big hands with long and surprisingly slim fingers. Megan figured they would feel good on her body, slim or not. His shoulders and chest were broad, with a smooth, hairless six-pack and impressive pecs. She wanted to lick him. Devour him.

He bent to sit beside her and his grubby beige shorts rode up, revealing a little thigh. Just as she suspected; as perfect as the rest of him. If she pulled this off, he wouldn’t have to work too hard to get her off. She could already feel the moisture between her thighs. She could smell it too, and wondered if he could. She’d never know.

Pondering her next move, Megan realised she couldn’t afford to think too much about what she was doing. Subtleties would be wasted here. Where sexual innuendos and hints would normally lead things in the right direction, Megan now had nothing. She’d have to rely on body language and take control.

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