Seducing the Myth: Myths and Legends with an Erotic Twist

Seducing the Myth: Myths and Legends with an Erotic Twist


Seducing the Myth: Myths and Legends with an Erotic Twist is a collection of 24 tantalising tales that lead you on a decadent journey through mythologies the world over. As well as stories from the popular Greek and Roman periods, this anthology will also delight you with Arabian, Arthurian, Hindu, Jewish, Norse, Slavic, Sumerian and Welsh myths and legends. Add in a delicious sprinkling of fairies, mermaids and ancient fertility rituals and you have a recipe for a wickedly erotic read!

List of contributors: Louisa Bacio, Lexie Bay, Rebecca Bond, Shan Ellis, Justine Elyot, Lucy Felthouse, Lisa Fox, Fulani, K D Grace, Bronwyn Green, Hawthorn, Caz Jones, Burton Lawrence, Maxine Marsh, J. C. Martin, Jillian Murphy, Lydia Nyx, Rachel Randall, Kay Dee Royal, Toni Sands, Indigo Skye, Elizabeth Thorne, Saskia Walker.



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When I first heard the silly talk, I didn’t take much notice. After all, the witterings of the drunken old men in the Greyhound Inn are hardly life-changing. They usually spouted tales of their childhood and ‘the good old days’, most of which were completely fabricated. But as I sat in the corner reading, I couldn’t help but notice that their conversation lingered on the same topic for some time. I found myself drawn in. Keeping my eyes on my book, I listened.

They were discussing a place up on the moors, a pool that was reputed to be haunted. Legend told of a malevolent mermaid lurking in its depths, and several mysterious disappearances in the vicinity. I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing. The thought of a mermaid in Staffordshire really tickled me. It’s a landlocked county – in fact, you can hardly get any more central.

Normally I would have dismissed what they were saying out of hand, but although the legend was undoubtedly ancient, the disappearances were recent. My reporter’s instinct kicked in and I slammed my book down on the table, startling the trio of pensioners. Whipping a notebook and pen out of my bag, I stood and moved over to their table.

One round of drinks later and I had everything I needed. This was going to be one hell of an article.


By the time I parked my car in the lay-by near the pool some two weeks later, I’d done my research. The gentlemen in the pub had given me their version of the legend, the information they had about the recent disappearances, and the rough location. A study of my White Peak Ordnance Survey map revealed the exact location and correct name of the mysterious body of water – Blake Mere. A library visit, a raid of my own bookshelves and some Googling turned up several different versions of the legend, none of which I could confirm as true or false. I decided to visit Blake Mere and make my own mind up.

As I made my way along the path skirting the small ridge above the pond, I looked down. At once I understood at least why people found the area creepy, if not how the mermaid legend had come about.

It didn’t help that I’d chosen a mid-week evening to visit; the darkening sky and lack of people did nothing to dissipate the eerie atmosphere. And nor did the silence.

Part of me was glad no one was around. Some of my more unusual journalistic investigations had, in the past, caused people to come and ask what I was doing. My responses, as I never saw any reason to lie, inevitably prompted a barrage of further questions. This meant I then had to find a way of extricating myself from the conversation so I could get on with my work. Not being the most forceful of fellows, I always find it difficult.

At least this time I’d be left well alone.

The path forked, the left turning being the one which would lead me down by the water. I took it. The closer I drew to the mere, the more another part of me wished I wasn’t alone. The quiet was uncanny, as was the absence of any wildlife. You’d normally expect to find midges, dragonflies, and the birds that ate them around most bodies of water. There was nothing, which was strange enough. Stranger still was that despite its exposed location and the slight breeze in the air, the pool’s surface remained undisturbed. I wish I could have said the same for my state of mind.


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“Seducing the Myth will seduce your mind with the hot tales of love and lust contained within its mesmerizing pages… Overall this is an interesting and varied collection with a variety of tales, a true cornucopia of endings, beginnings and middles with lots of lusty passion, tantalizing intrigue and witty charm to keep you coming back time and time again to dip into this treasure trove and pull out a fresh gem.” 5 out of 5, Erotic Whispers

“A collection of short stories filled with erotic intent with tons of mystical creatures this book is a great read! I found myself reading each story in earnest and wanting more and more. This collection was expertly put together to entice you into a whole new world that was enjoyable to read! If you are looking for a great collection of short stories that leaves you wanting more this book is totally for you.” 4 out of 5, Judging the Book By Its Pages


Night Owl Reviews“Overall I have to say I was pretty pleased with this anthology. The stories were on the fairly short side, but were by in large really hot. Not all of them ended happily, some of the authors chose to stick closely to the ending of the original myth or tale (The True Folly of Icarus by Saskia Walker for instance) and there were some surprises (The Lady of the Flowers is based on a Welsh legend) amongst the normally re-imagine Greek/Roman mythology. And happiest of most I found a few new authors to pick up and try!” 4 out of 5, Night Owl Reviews


“…hot with a bit of extra sexy thrown in for good measure. From straight romance, to bi-sexual fun, with the occasional helping of girl on girl action, and a quick gorgeously gay threesome, there is something for every connoisseur of erotica in Lucy Felthouse’s latest offering to the world of smut—bring on the next!” Oysters & Chocolate


“In ‘Seducing the Myth, Myths and Legends With an Erotic Twist,’ Editor Lucy Felthouse delivers a treasury of steamy and romantic tales. The authors chosen by Felthouse (she includes her own work as well) beautifully reflect the challenge of compiling an anthology with skilled writers. Felthouse has assembled some of the most talented writers with a gift for combining superb writing and solid story-telling abilities that make this collection one that sets the standards ever higher.” The Pen & Muse Book Reviews