Silk and Strangers

Silk and Strangers


Swinging Erotica


Contains my story, When Dreams Come True.

Silk & Strangers is a collection of eight short stories set in the world of adventurous, uninhibited sex. Wife-swapping, swinging, dogging, exhibitionism and voyeurism are all explored in vivid detail by some of the best erotic writers around, including Lucy Felthouse, Monica Belle and Cat Scarlett.


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Chapter One

When Karen awoke with a start and shot upright in bed, she realised her boyfriend of eleven months, Peter, was staring at her incredulously.

‘What?’ she said, defensively. She’d only just woken up, what could she have possibly done wrong? Stolen the duvet, maybe?

‘You woke me up about five minutes ago. You were tossing and turning and you clobbered me on the back. You were also moaning and panting like you were having the best sex of your life!’

As Peter’s words sank in, Karen suddenly became aware of the ache between her legs and the decidedly damp sensation in her crotch. She gasped, and the dream came back to her. God, that would explain her unconscious behaviour and the fact she’d woken up feeling as horny as fuck, then. She’d had a seriously sexy dream. Practically pornographic, actually.

She’d been… she gasped again as she remembered. Bloody hell—she’d been shagging two men at once! Thankfully, one of them had been Peter, so she didn’t have to lie to boost his ego. But the other man in her dream was a total surprise. It was Gabriel, Peter’s best friend. She didn’t even like the arrogant bastard, so it came as a total shock to her to discover that she’d dreamt about sleeping with him.

‘Well?’ Peter said, interrupting her reverie, his expression expectant. ‘Are you going to share with the class?’

‘All right,’ she replied with a frown, ‘no need to get shirty with me. I can’t help what I dream about, can I? Though you’re right, I was having some seriously fantastic sex.’

‘Were you now?’ His expression turned lecherous. ‘Pray, tell.’

‘You might not like it.’

‘What’s that supposed to mean? That I wasn’t involved? Okay, come on. Who was it? George Clooney? David Beckham?’

‘Ugh, no! Not David Beckham. Though I certainly wouldn’t say no to George.’ She paused. ‘Actually, you were involved.’

‘So why won’t I like it, then? What’s not to like about me and you having brilliant sex?’

Karen figured the sooner she got the words out, the sooner the two of them could have a blazing row and get it over and done with. She was beginning to wish she’d kept her mouth shut. Or lied.

‘You probably won’t like it because it wasn’t just you I was having sex with.’

Peter’s eyebrows shot up.

‘Oh, really? So who was the other person in our threesome? Or was it more than three?’ He looked genuinely curious now, and Karen realised that perhaps he wouldn’t be mad about it, after all. About the threesome thing, anyway. She was pretty sure he’d kick off when he found out who the other man had been.

She shook her head.

‘No, it was just three. Me, you, and…’ She had to force the word out, so horrified was she that she had to say it at all. ‘Gabriel.’

Peter’s eyebrows almost disappeared into his hairline. ‘Gabriel? But I thought you hated him? Oh God, it’s not one of those things where people pretend to hate other people when they’re actually madly in love with them? Fuck, you’re not in love with my best mate, are you?’

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