Temptations Volume 2

Temptations Vol.2


In Posh Boy, our narrator is introduced to Nathan, and she simply can’t resist his sexy accent. Grab Temptations Vol.2 to find out what happens…


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Posh Boy

I’ve always been a sucker for posh accents. I think it’s because they tend to be associated with well-educated young men who are polite, gentlemanly… and just waiting to be corrupted. That’s where I come in.

One of my favourite fantasies has always been to fuck a posh boy, just to hear him say dirty words in his sexy accent. Unfortunately, living up north, there aren’t that many of them around. So it was a fantasy that lay dormant. That is, until Nathan came along.

I met him through a friend. Well, I say ‘met,’ but it was all done over the telephone. It was my friend’s birthday and I’d called him up to wish him a happy birthday. He and his mates were already drunk and boys will be boys – they all started yelling down the phone, thinking I was Nick’s girlfriend. One voice in particular stood out. The words were out of my mouth before I could stop them – “Who was that, Nick?”

“Who?” he shouted over the din, “There’s loads of us here.”

“The last one. With the posh accent.”

“Oh,” said Nick, obviously remembering my penchant, confessed during a drunken night in the flat we used to share, “that’s Nathan. Why, do you want to talk to him?”

“Is he single?”

“Find out for yourself.”

I heard shuffling and laughter in the background. Then suddenly, “Hello?”

My heart began to thud and I felt a warmth between my thighs. Wow, I’d forgotten how much those accents got to me.
“Hi Nathan.”

“Nick said you wanted to talk to me.” It had gone quiet now. The other guys were either so intent on listening that they’d shut up, or he was now alone.

“Yes,” I wondered what to say, then decided that I’d probably never lay eyes on this guy, so it didn’t matter, “I just thought you had a nice voice, that was all. A sexy accent.”

“Thank you. So do you.”

I giggled. “Yeah, right.”

“No, really. It’s got a lovely lilt to it. In fact I reckon I could listen to you all day.”

And that’s where it began. Nathan and I exchanged phone numbers and started chatting regularly. We had lots in common with books, films and our love of the outdoors so we were always laughing and talking rubbish, and got to know each other really quickly. Soon, the talk turned dirty. We were both single and bemoaned the lack of sex. There’d been no talk of meeting up, so I felt free to let rip with my wildest thoughts and fantasies. It wasn’t doing anybody any harm, so I just enjoyed it.
One evening we were having a conversation and I asked how his day had been. His response wasn’t entirely what I’d been expecting.

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