The Best of Lucy Felthouse

The Best of Lucy Felthouse


M/F Contemporary Erotica


Described as ‘a true mistress of the erotic word,’ this collection of Lucy Felthouse’s work is sure to get you tingling in all the right places. Contains five titillating tales selected from Lucy’s many popular short stories.

Fantasy Assignment

She loves a man in uniform, so being sent to write a feature about life in an army camp leaves Charlene feeling all her Christmases have come at once. Her guide round the barracks is the very sexy Corporal Matt Stokes, and as soon as she sets eyes on him, Charlene can’t wait to see his privates on parade.

A Lucky Man

It’s an awful lot like Christmas, isn’t it? That’s usually the time when you just cannot decide whether you’d really prefer a leg, or a nice mouthful of breast. And even admiring a round and firm parson’s nose only distracts you all the more, making it difficult for you to try and explain why you feel so bad about having to choose just the one to enjoy.

Posh Boy

Accents make her horny, particularly posh ones. So when our narrator calls a friend to wish him a happy birthday and hears Nathan’s dulcet tones in the background, the fun really begins. The pair exchange telephone numbers and chat regularly. Soon the talk turns dirty, and what starts as smoking hot phone sex ends with a promise to meet up and make their fantasies into reality.


Sometimes, the best way to get through a boring lecture is to entertain yourself with a spicy fantasy. This erotica-writing student has a vivid imagination and a lust for her fellow student, Karl, and when the two combine, the result is sizzling sex in the classroom.

Beach Babe

Megan’s relaxing, yet uneventful beach holiday on a secluded island hots up when she meets a sex god. He’s a gorgeous guy and Megan would definitely like to see what he’s hiding under those shorts. The trouble is, he doesn’t speak a word of English. Undeterred, Megan decides she’s just going to have to use body language to get what she wants. A squirt of sun cream later and the fun really begins…

These stories have also been published in the following Xcite Books anthologies:

Fantasy Assignment also appeared in Seriously Sexy 3, The Lucky Man appeared in Ultimate Curves, Posh Boy appeared in Temptations Vol 2, E620 appeared in Sex, Love and Valentines, Beach Babe appeared in Red Hot Reads 2.

Word count: 13,900



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Fantasy Assignment

He headed for some garages and pulled the vehicle inside, then killed the engine. Great, I thought, now I’ve got to attempt to get out of this damn thing. Preferably without flashing my pants.

I needn’t have worried, though. Matt came to the rescue by jumping out of his seat and coming round to my side. He flung open the door and stood looking at me, an amused expression on his face. I flashed him a grin and swung my legs around to the side of the seat and made to slide down out of the seat, using Matt as a kind of fireman’s pole. What happened next was somewhat of a blur. The most erotic damn blur of my life.

As I slid down with Matt helping me as gentlemanly as he could in the circumstances, I became very aware that I was rubbing my body against his. Now I wasn’t too concerned by that fact, because I couldn’t think of anything else I wanted more. Except to do the very same thing, naked. But I had no idea of how he felt about me, if he even found me attractive. A couple of seconds later, I knew the answer. My feet touched the floor, but I was in no hurry to move. Pressed tightly to Matt, I could feel his erection straining against the confines of his combats. His hands were still on my waist and as our eyes met, I felt his fingers tighten against my flesh, which sent a lightning bolt of arousal to my groin.

He wanted me as much as I wanted him, that much was obvious. But I also knew that he wouldn’t do anything about it. He was at work; his job was on the line. Hell, so was mine. I could tell he was struggling with his conscience, so after shouting a firm internal “fuck off” at mine, I decided to bite the bullet. You only live once, after all.

I kissed him. No mean feat I tell you. Me being tiny, him towering over me and all. I just slipped my hands up to his neck and stretched up, pulling him down to meet me halfway. The moment our lips touched was electric. The combination of the situation, the risk, his attire and my overactive libido had my pussy oozing almost immediately.

Stunned at first, Matt barely moved, he just let me kiss him. But seconds later, it was as if a switch had been flipped. The little devil on his shoulder clearly won. Lucky me. He began kissing me back with gusto, one hand travelling north from my waist and tangling into my hair, pulling me closer and deepening the kiss.

Our tongues danced together, our hands caressed one another, and our groins – well, they did what groins do when they’re sexually aroused. My tight skirt meant I couldn’t press myself against his hardness as much as I’d have liked, but still. I knew a way I could fix that. As I pulled away to glance behind me at the still open door of the truck, strong hands lifted me back onto the seat I’d just vacated. They then proceeded to push at my skirt, bunching it up to get at what was underneath.

He lifted my ankles, placing my legs either side of his head and buried his face between my thighs. He nuzzled at my flesh, placing delicate kisses, then sharp little nips all over my skin. All the while he crept closer to the place that wanted him the most.

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“A wonderful collection of very different tales that will warm those spots other anthologies cannot reach. This is definitely one you need in your collection, a real treat not to be missed!” – 4 out of 5,


“Overall, The Best of Lucy Felthouse is a great read. It has five stories all in different areas. It offers every reader a different tale of seduction or erotica. I would recommend The Best of Lucy Felthouse to erotica readers. Fans of Lucy’s won’t be disappointed with The Best of Lucy Felthouse.” – 4 out of 5, Sizzling Hot Book Reviews


Top Pick, Miz Love Loves Books“Each story has its own merits, each story very different to the last. As usual, Ms Felthouse does not disappoint and this is a great book to add to your erotic reading collection.” – Top Pick, Miz Love Loves Books


“The Best Of Lucy Felthouse is a collection of five hot scorching tales of erotic romance where the reader is treated to everything from love to passion and the true strength of lust! This book is not for the faint at heart and is a must read for every lover of this hot genre! And Lucy Felthouse has become just that – a Must-Read for me!” Night Owl Reviews


“Ms. Felthouse left this reviewer breathless… a book I would recommend… I am giving The Best of Lucy Felthouse 4 fans out of 5 to cool down with.” Books To Read


“…expect well-written sex scenes that are based around a believable plot that allows for some good, hot sex. If you want some great sex that is surrounded by a good, enjoyable plot that makes each story unique, check out The Best of Lucy Felthouse.” Kinky World


“The Best of Lucy Felthouse is a collection of five short stories that are all a must read for fans of erotic romance. My favorite out of the five shorts was Fantasy Assignment because you can’t go wrong with a hot man in a military uniform. The story with the female was student who was fantasizing over a male classmate was so believable that I didn’t even know it was all happening in the female character’s head until the end.” All Things Books