The House of Erotica Summer Scorchers Collection

The House of Erotica Summer Scorchers Collection


Summer-Themed Erotica


A collection of three summer-themed erotic stories by Nicole Gestalt, Lucy Felthouse and Angela Sargenti. These fresh summer tales are sure to get you all hot and bothered.

Jungle Calls by Nicole Gestalt
On their wedding anniversary Samantha and Brian find a slightly different way to cool off.

Drawing a Crowd by Lucy Felthouse
When Samantha eats an ice cream on a tourist boat off the coast of Zante, she drives some of her fellow passengers wild. Years later, she uses her ice cream eating skills to snare herself some hot guys and tests her lips and tongue out on them, too.

Ellis in Wonderland by Angela Sargenti
Josh invites his college roommate, Ellis, down for the weekend to let him meet a young woman he knows and wants to share with Ellis.


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I was twenty-two when I realized just how powerful the simple act of eating an ice cream could be.

I was on a tourist boat off the coast of Zante with my boyfriend, nonchalantly eating the vanilla ice cream coated in white chocolate, my favourite. The weather, of course, was hot—it was July, after all—so I had to take care not to let it drip on me. As a result, I would nibble at sections of the chocolate until I revealed the creamy goodness beneath, then pop the whole thing in my mouth and suck off the melting top layer of ice cream. I was no innocent, not even back then, but I honestly had no idea what an effect I was having on some of my fellow passengers.

Soon, though, I noticed a group of teenage boys sat in a row of plastic seats facing my own nudging one another and gawping at me with unabashed fascination. Some of them shifted uncomfortably in their seats.

My boyfriend, Lewis, was oblivious. He had his head tilted back, catching some rays. He was incredibly quiet, and I suspected he might have been nodding off. So I continued what I was doing, but a little more sexily. I nibbled, sucked and licked at the delicious confectionary until it was all gone. Then I ran my tongue over both sides of the wooden stick, again and again until it was spotlessly clean.

A quick glance over at the boys showed that they were in danger of disgracing themselves. They couldn’t make eye contact with each other, or with me. I had to stifle a smile—I didn’t want them to know I was on to them.

By the time I’d disposed of my ice cream stick and returned to my seat, Lewis was back in the land of the living.

“All right?” he asked, smiling.

“Yep,” I replied. “Having a great time.” I snuggled into him, despite the heat, as we were in the first flushes of all-consuming love and could barely keep our hands off one another. He remained totally unaware of what I’d been up to, and I never bothered to enlighten him.

Ten years later, Lewis was long gone, but my erotic skill with an ice cream was not.

I’d been invited to a party of singletons, which had the express aim of pairing people off. More often than not, though, the events were just an excuse for unattached folks to find someone to fuck. I’d done it myself more than once. It was an excellent way of scratching the itch, in my opinion.

But on that particular occasion, I decided to do something a little different. Possibly because it was the ten year anniversary of that fateful holiday, where I’d discovered an interesting skill and gotten cystitis from being fucked so often by Lewis’ mammoth cock.
The hostess was one of my friends in high places, so the venue was a large—read: mansion—house in the Buckinghamshire countryside. It had acres and acres of land, a private pool and lots of room to be decadent.

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