The Mammoth Book of Uniform Erotica

The Mammoth Book of Uniform Erotica


Uniform Erotica


Contains my story, Basic Training.

Outrageous, even shocking confessions of uniform fantasies and amazing sexual adventures, from what happens when an English Rose is cuffed in the backwoods of Georgie by a Texas Highway Patrol trooper to a waitress at a wedding reception rescued from a night of boredom in an ill-fitting uniform by members of a rugby club. As well as uniforms, the stories involve every kind of kink imaginable, and then some: from straightforward spanking to domination and submission, from solo experiences to group games, and from guilty secrets to sex in public places.

These are vivid accounts of sexual encounters and sexy secrets involving uniforms to startle, amuse, shock and excite. Whatever your kink – voyeurism, first-times, oral sex, hotels, good friends, secret mistresses, domination and submission, threesomes, anal, outdoor sex, forbidden fantasies, spanking or downright sadism – you’ll find what you’re looking for here, in uniform!

Svetlana joined the army to help her fellow men and women, but exactly how becomes clear to the sergeant when he finds out about her escapades.

Charlene tries out as a strip-o-gram nun, but makes so many mistakes that she ends up bent over the boss’s knee.

Alan loved to admire the cute little uniforms of waitresses in old-fashioned tea rooms, then one day the phrase ‘at your service’ takes on a new and more exciting meaning.

A young tourist likes the look of an uptight Life Guard – she helps him to let go a little with a public blow job.

Buff Darren has had limited sexual experience until he becomes the manager of an Italian restaurant . . . and the waitresses lock him in as he’s shutting up.


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Kerry flopped onto the uncomfortable single bed with a relieved sigh. She’d survived yet another day of gruelling basic training, and was one step closer to being a fully-fledged soldier in the British Army. And she’d do it, too, of that she had no doubt. She was too stubborn not to.

It helped that she and her roommate, Adeline, were the sole females in the group. Granted, they took a lot of teasing from the lads, the occasional inappropriate comment—but the fact that the two of them were expected to be bottom of the class only made them more determined to claw their way to the very top. They’d worked harder, pushed harder with each consecutive task, until the boys had realised they were being left behind. The stupid remarks and borderline sexual harassment stopped, and were replaced with grunts and curses as they fought to keep up.

In the rare downtime they all had, the sarcastic comments, the barbs intended to wind her up, had been replaced by invites to dinner and grudging compliments. Turned out that even in this day and age, women in the army—or trying to be—had to fight to be seen as equals. And now she’d gained respect, she was also gaining admirers.

Unfortunately for those admirers, though, they were barking entirely up the wrong tree. Kerry’s preference was, and always had been, women. And, right at that moment, she kind of wished it wasn’t. Her libido was reminding her of the lack of orgasms she’d had since starting the fourteen week training course. At least if she liked men she’d have been able to take one of them up on their offer, sneak off somewhere and scratch that particular itch. But as it was, she hadn’t had so much as a solo climax in far too long, and her body was beginning to protest.

Maybe she could sneak one in now? She’d seen Adeline heading off in the opposite direction to their sparse, functional accommodation when they’d been dismissed. Perhaps she was off for some fun of her own with one of the guys. She’d had just as many propositions as Kerry—and they were just the ones she knew about. Between them, she supposed, they covered most bases in terms of what men found attractive. Where Kerry was tall and thin with small breasts and a mop of short brunette hair and brown eyes, Adeline was shorter, a little curvier with shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. If there’d been a third girl in basic training that was a redhead, they’d truly have something for everyone.

Adeline was pretty cute, actually. Kerry had thought so as soon as they’d met, but had immediately pushed the thought out of her mind. Just because there was only one other girl around, one lot of eye candy, didn’t mean she should start perving on her. Especially since they were roommates. Inevitably, over the weeks, they’d seen each other in varying states of undress, and Kerry had done her best to avert her gaze every time Adeline was less than fully clothed. It had been tough, but she’d managed pretty well so far.

Still, as she lay on the thin duvet, resisting the temptation to undo her belt and stick her hand down her combats, slices of imagery popped into her head. Smooth buttocks, breasts that would fit perfectly in her palms, a neat dark blonde bush, lips to die for…

Ah, fuck it. Opening the mental floodgates, Kerry let the delicious pictures flow in, with her imagination doing a more than ample job of filling in the gaps. Soon, her imagination took over entirely, and she was vaguely aware of her hands releasing her regulation belt, undoing the button and fly and delving beneath the material, as her brain disappeared into Dirty Fantasy Central.


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