A Change of Scene – Bimbo Ross

A Change of Scene is a short story by Bimbo Ross. It tells the story of Delia and David, a couple who have been together for a long while and have lost their sexual spark. Delia is seriously fed up with their relationship and starts to think she might want out. However, David comes home one evening to say that he’s been offered a job in Sydney – which would obviously be a huge change for both of them, but may give their life the shake-up it needs.

Delia goes along with it, and once there, realises that her instincts were right, and the move wasn’t a miracle cure for their stale relationship. However, at a get-together, Delia is introduced to David’s PA, Zoe, and is instantly suspicious of her. Young and beautiful, she’s quite touchy-feely around David, and Delia isn’t impressed.

Once they get to know each other a little better, Delia actually really gets along with Zoe, and they become fast friends. On an evening at David and Delia’s house, though, the two women become more than friendly. Delia is crazily excited about her first lesbian encounter with the beautiful young woman, and they make it a regular thing. As with most things that are too good to be true, Zoe turns out to be not quite what she seems…

Overall, a nice little story. I have to admit I did see early on where the story was going, but that didn’t ruin my enjoyment. The sex scenes were very erotic and the story flowed nicely. Recommended.

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