A Gentlewoman’s Predicament – Portia Da Costa

Sofia Harewood is a fairly recent widow, and she’s getting to the stage where she’s realised there’s more to life than what she’s experienced already. And that certainly includes in the bedroom! Her first husband was incredibly disappointing in that department, and Sofia is sure that there is much more pleasure to be found than she’s had before. But, since Sofia lives in Victorian England, she’s not about to go out and shout about her problems, or post a comment on Facebook. No, she must find a discreet and ladylike way of getting what she wants.

A tip-off from a friend leads her to A. Chamfleur, purveyor of “Intimate Advice to the Gentlewoman.” However, Sofia soon discovers that “A” is in fact Monsieur Chamfleur, and though he claims he’s perfectly qualified to teach her what she needs to know, his methods aren’t exactly innocent. After some hesitation, Sofia decides she has nothing to lose, and lets Monsieur Chamfleur commence with his unusual methods in his own way. She certainly doesn’t regret it.

I’ve read lots of Portia Da Costa’s work in the past, but this is the first historical erotica of hers that I’ve read. And I have to say that although it’s a huge departure from her contemporary stuff, I still thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s been so brilliantly written that you forget that you’re actually in modern times, as opposed to Victorian England. The tone, the language and the dialogue are perfectly crafted and it makes for a fab read! It’s not quite as saucy as some of Portia’s contemporary stuff, but if it had have been, then it wouldn’t have felt like “genuine” Victorian times. Excellent – can’t wait to read the next installment.

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