A Gentlewoman’s Ravishment – Portia Da Costa

A Gentlewoman’s Ravishment is the second installment of The Ladies’ Sewing Circle series, published by Spice Briefs.

This story begins as the ladies of the circle, encouraged by Sofia Chamfleur, share their erotic fantasies. Unlike the first tale, in which Sofia is the narrator, this time we see the story through Prudence Enderby’s eyes.

Prudence shares her fantasy of being abducted by a mysterious masked man and ravished wildly with the group. Some are shocked, others amused and others envious. Whatever their reactions, Prudence knows it will certainly get her beloved husband hot beneath the collar when she tells him!

Later, she decides to walk home to cool herself off. On taking a detour down a quiet alleyway, Prudence is grabbed, blindfolded and manhandled into a carriage! On recovering from the initial shock, Prudence realises that, somehow, her recently-confessed fantasy is coming true.

She’s whisked away to an unknown property, where she is placed in a great many erotic situations, which despite her initial resistance, arouse her immensely. Prudence is stroked, pinched, massaged, kissed and screwed into erotic oblivion. Her fantasies are truly brought to life and she is sated. However, there is more to come when she discovers who is behind her erotic encounter…

This is a fabulous story in this series from Portia Da Costa. I actually preferred this to the first, and based on these two, can’t wait to see what’s going to happen to the Victorian ladies next. Recommended.

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