A Girl’s Guide to Vampires – Katie MacAllister

As a self-confessed vampire freak – I sneaked this book to the top of my To Be Read pile as a treat. This is the first of Katie MacAllister’s books that I’ve read and based on this I’d definitely read more.

A Girl’s Guide to Vampires isn’t perfect – but it’s very good. To be honest, I found it a really slow starter. But I always persevere with books even if I’m not hooked straight away – and I’m glad because the story hotted up considerably! The tale is told from the point of view of Joy Randall. She and her best friend Roxy go on holiday to the Czech Republic, as Roxy is a complete vampire obsessive and in particular a huge fan of an author called C.J. Dante. Roxy’s determined they will meet this famous writer and pump him for information about ‘The Dark Ones’ he writes about in his novels. Joy herself enjoys the books, but doesn’t believe the content is real, unlike her friend.

Needing a change of scenery, Joy is happy to go along. The girls arrive to find the locals friendly, and the country beautiful. Soon, though, the girls are attracting quite a lot of attention, and not always of the good kind…

To make matters worse, Joy is experiencing weird visions which appear to be projected upon her by an unknown vampire; and she is pursued by three sinister suitors, and in making her choice from one of them – things become even more topsy-turvy!

This book is a mad wild-goose chase, with a lovely mix of romance, lust and steaming hot sex. I always enjoy a book containing vampires and bedroom naughtiness – and this is no exception. As I said, it was a real slow starter in my opinion, but give it chance because the rest of the book is worth it.

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