A WAG Abroad – Alison Kervin

I’m pleased to report that Tracie Martin is back, and she’s dafter than ever! Yes, the Queen WAG is back with her second book (see my review of the first one here) about her new life in LA. Tracie, husband Dean and daughter Paskia-Rose have moved to Los Angeles for Dean’s new job as a football coach. That’s the British version of football, not the version where guys run around in padding and helmets!

For those that haven’t read the first book, you really need to before you read this one. Buy them both together and laugh yourself silly. Tracie Martin is a deluded woman who genuinely believes that WAGs should rule the world. If a woman doesn’t spray tan to within an inch of her life, then smother her skin in foundation and have manicures twice a week, Tracie thinks they’re insane. In her eyes, all women should be blonde, with bright orange skin and wear tiny clothes. Anyone else is beneath her, and must be corrected.

Tracie adores her husband, but feels a little pushed out when he starts his new job in the States. He’s so busy, and eager to make a good impression that Tracie is frequently left alone. And with so much time on her hands, it’s no surprise that she gets herself into trouble. Soon, she has made friends with a sexy young man and they terrorise LA together. Tracie believes that the gorgeous Jamie genuinely cares about her and is her new best friend. The problem is, he’s not quite what he seems…

Within weeks of being in America, Tracie is stalking Victoria Beckham, meeting up with her long-long father, getting tee-total LA types off their trolleys and collaborating with criminals. Basically, Tracie is being her usual barmy self. And she’s great! Despite the fact she’s silly and shallow, you’ll find yourself loving her, and laughing out loud at her escapades. I did, several times! Underneath her orange exterior, Tracie has a heart of gold and loves her family, and although she has a funny way of showing it, you’ll warm to her nevertheless.

This is a great example of a novel being character-led. The scrapes Tracie gets into are hilarious and silly, but she’s such a strong and well-portrayed character, that if she were a real person, you could actually believe these things would happen to her!

The book is a laugh a minute. Beware if you read it in public though, you’re bound to get some funny looks from people because you’ll be chortling to yourself. This is a great continuation of the previous book, and if you like chick-lit, you’ll love this!

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