Act of Faith – Erica James

This book came highly recommended by several friends, and having read and enjoyed a previous Erica James novel, I gave this one a go. I was interested right from the beginning, as usually when a book starts with tragedy, you have to read it all the way through to make sure there’s a nice happy ending. Am I right?

My intrigue was to be drawn out it seems, because as the novel progresses only little bits of information are revealed at a time, so you very gradually build up a picture of what has really happened to get the characters where they are now. And they really are in a mess. Ali and her husband divorced following the tragic death of their young son and the consequent break down of their relationship. Ali’s friend Sarah is married to a rather scary God-fearing chap, whom Ali hates. Sarah’s daughter is starting to rebel against her father, and poor Sarah just wants everyone to be happy.

A tale full of twists and turns, Act of Faith is a book about relationships and how they affect people, leading them to actions they may later regret. It’s also a tale of forgiveness. James has written some beautiful descriptions of Cheshire and its countryside and has created wonderful characters to live there. I’d recommend this for James fans, and anyone that likes reading chick-lit and romance stories.

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