All Together Dead – Charlaine Harris

All Together Dead is book seven in The Southern Vampire Mysteries. Sookie has given up hope of ever having a normal life, particularly now as her telepathic powers are being pimped out to all and sundry. This time Sookie is off to a very important vampire summit as the employee of the queen of Louisiana, Sophie-Anne Leclerq. Her role is to make sure that during the summit, nothing kicks off. That is, she’s to weed out any plots to overthrow the queen, rip her off… or worse.

Naturally, it turns out to be the ‘worse’ option, and Sookie is once again thrown into grave danger. She has no shortage of male suitors around to help her out, including her new boyfriend Quinn, and ex-lovers Bill and Eric. Even Barry the Bellboy holds a torch for Sookie – but she soon throws water over it. Nevertheless, some of the scenes are pretty hairy, and others are plain hilarious.

I much preferred this book to the last one. It’s constantly moving, from funny, to sexy, to scary and back again. Sookie is horny, confused and obstinate. And that’s why we love her. There’s more intrigue again with Sookie’s love life in this book too, which of course spells trouble for the future. But then, wouldn’t Sookie’s life be boring without some trouble?

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