Bad Girl – Alison Tyler

Having usually read short story collections written by a number of authors, I was a tad concerned about reading one with stories all by the same writer. I thought maybe they would all be “samey” and that I’d get bored. With Bad Girl this was definitely not the case.

A collection of 22 filthy stories, this book is excellent. Although I did see a similarity in some of the characters, the situations were all completely different. Some stories, of course, were better than others, but I’d say that was down to personal preference, as I tend to like my stories more hardcore, and some of the tales in Bad Girl were a little more vanilla. A recurring theme in the book is homosexuality – both men and women – so if this doesn’t float your boat then obviously I wouldn’t recommend it for you. But if same-sex naughtiness gets you hot, then go for it! Not every story is same-sex, but a vast majority of it is. So this would be down to your personal preference.

This is one book I’ll definitely be keeping hold of to read again!

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