Best Women’s Erotica 2009 – Violet Blue (ed.)

With a name like Best Women’s Erotica 2009, my expectations were high. And with authors like D.L. King, Elizabeth Coldwell and Janine Ashbless nestling between those covers, the bar was raised further. However, I’m very pleased to report that my expectations were indeed met – and exceeded. This book is fantastic and has earned itself a permanent place in my erotica collection!

The stories are incredibly sexy, and very imaginative. Out of the 21 stories, I’d say there was perhaps only one which didn’t really float my boat, but that’s more a matter of opinion than any slight on the author. Particularly clever and arousing were Elizabeth Coldwell’s Live Bed Show and Janine Ashbless’ Ritual Space. It was fantastic to read such a wide variety of stories – they were all very, very different and yet all very… very… sexy!

You cannot fault the quality of this book. Best Women’s Erotica 2009 is cover to cover hot stories which will get you tingling in all the right places! It certainly did the job for me. Whether you’re a seasoned erotica fan, or looking for something new – grab a copy of this. You won’t regret it.

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