Big and Beautiful – Various

Having really enjoyed Xcite’s anthology [intlink id=”1061″ type=”post”]Ultimate Curves[/intlink], I had a sneaking suspicion that I’d like Big and Beautiful, too. And I was absolutely right.

This anthology contains five smutty Rubenesque stories from Elizabeth Coldwell, Alcamia Payne, Victoria Blisse, Ralph Greco and Viva Jones. Rarely do I read an anthology and like every single story in it, but this is an exception. Each tale is seriously sexy, and they’re all different, too.

Elizabeth Coldwell’s story is about a curvy lady who goes for a job interview with a slight wardrobe mishap. Her potential employer, though, is far from disgusted. In fact, it appears he rather likes the larger girl and makes no secret of his admiration. A hot little story which puts an interesting spin on what could be a cliched topic.

Alcamia Payne’s story, The Cherry Picker, is blisteringly hot. It’s about a girl who picks cherries and has caught the eye of the boss’ son. Be prepared for a great deal of innuendo concerning the word ‘cherry,’ and some very sexy smut which will have you reaching for your own cherries in no time!

Naked Rain, by Victoria Blisse, is wonderful. Curvy Sandra is cooped up in the house on a melting hot day. Suddenly, the heavens open. Throwing caution, and her clothes, to the wind, Sandra heads for the garden to cool down in a spectacular way. However, she hasn’t realised that her sexy young neighbour has done just the same – and he’s seen her over the fence. This story, in particular, struck a chord with me as I’ve always quite fancied doing what the characters do in this tale – though not with my next door neighbour! It’s really very, very, erotic!

Ralph Greco brings us Bessie’s Challenge, a story about a woman who’s been challenged to reveal as much of her gorgeous breasts as she dares. Her best friend, accompanying her out that particular evening, is deeply appreciative of her curves, and Bessie knows it. They’ve fucked in the past, but have always been conscious of ruining their friendship. Trouble is the evening, and Bessie’s dare, have turned them both on beyond belief. Will they be able to resist temptation? Another fab story!

Last, but not least, is Viva Jones’ Arousal. It tells the tale of a woman betrayed. She’s feeling fat, frumpy and unloved. That is, until a man comes along with a fascinating offer. He’d like her to model in the nude for him. At first, she thinks he is mocking her, but after persuading her, Eliza’s actually quite turned on by the idea. Soon, her modelling sessions make her realise that her husband is the fool, because she is a deeply sexual, attractive woman. It seems that not all men like stick thin girls. A corker to end this anthology.

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