Billie Piper – Chris Stevens

I’ll be honest, I saw this in a shop for 99p so thought ‘why not?’ But I do actually love Billie in Secret Diary of a Call Girl, so I thought it couldn’t hurt to know a bit more about her other than she used to be married to Chris Evans. And now I know a fair bit more about her. Of course, you don’t know how true some of this is given it’s not an ‘official’ autobiography, but the other does seem to have cited every last source, and some of the stories and quotes come from friends, friends and colleagues. So I won’t be completely skeptical about its authenticity.

Taken for what it is, a book about Billie Piper’s life so far, it’s very good. It’s told in a coherent and interesting way, and is objective. The author doesn’t seem to have any opinion about Billie one way or the other, or if he does, then he doesn’t let it come across in the book. He tells stories that are good and bad, and seems to be very thorough about getting both sides of the story. It simply documents exactly what the cover says – “The rollercoaster life of Britain’s hottest star.” And it’s interesting and makes you see exactly what child stars have to go through, and I must say it’s amazing that Billie hasn’t turned into one of these drug-taking, rehab-resident train-wrecks, aka Britney Spears. So give her her dues. Well done Ms. Piper.

If you like Billie, or are just mildly interested in celebrities then you could do worse than pick up this book. It whiled away a few hours of my life anyway.

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