Black Lace Quickies 3 – Various

This is the second book of the Quickies series that I’ve read – the first one being [intlink id=”118″ type=”post”]Black Lace Quickies 1[/intlink]. Based on my thoughts of these two, there is no reason why I won’t read the rest.

The book is only a “quickie” in the sense that the whole book is only 124 pages long. The stories themselves aren’t really any shorter than your average short story in any other anthology. So in that sense, perhaps the title is a little misleading. If you’re looking for really short stories, then you won’t find them here. What you will find, however, is HOT stories. The tales Nothing But This and The Game of Kings in particular are very erotic sexual encounters which will undoubtedly get you feeling frisky.

As is par for the course with Black Lace, the whole book is of a high quality. You will of course, like some stories better than others, dependent on what sets your libido a-fluttering. My personal favourites are mentioned above, but they’re all steamy! I was a little disappointed, though, when I got to the story Rush Hour. Not because I don’t like it – far from it, in fact – but because I’ve read it before somewhere else. It’s always a shame when that happens because it diminishes the value for money and enjoyment factor of the book overall. I have read a lot of books, though, so don’t let me put you off.

If you’re after some steamy smut in a small package, then definitely spend your hard-earned on this little gem. You won’t regret it.

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