Blank – Sommer Marsden

Kyle is a gay man who’s had his heart broken. His way of coping is to blank everything out. And his way of doing that is plenty of sex and alcohol, and sometimes both at the same time. He’s determined to screw around to fill the void in his life without getting attached to anyone.

A conversation with his best friend changes Kyle’s life forever. All it took was one mention of cowboys and ranches, and Kyle decided to head off to Montana to make a fresh start. Once there, he quickly gains a reputation for himself for being a bit of a playboy, which doesn’t sit well with some of the others working on the ranch, or those living nearby. Kyle quickly finds himself in trouble, and after being rescued by a fellow cowboy – Kyle realises that he’s going to have to let go of his past in order to live his life.

Blank is a short story/novella, and I have to say I was disappointed when I came to the end of it. The ending works, but by time I got there I was getting so into the storyline that I wanted to know what happened next! I guess I’ll have to leave it to my imagination, or maybe Sommer Marsden will be kind to us, and write the next chapter in this saga!

I enjoyed Blank. It’s one of the few homoerotic pieces I’ve read, and I’d definitely read more if this is anything to go by. It’s sexy and erotic, yet not too coarse or graphic. This will appeal to people who enjoy more ‘gentle’ erotica, and also those who have the hots for gay guys and/or cowboys!

Blank is published by Xcite Books as an eBook, and is also available for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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