Blood is the New Black – Valerie Stivers

Blood is the New Black is Valerie Stivers’ first novel, so obviously I hadn’t read any of her work before. And after reading this novel, I’d be shrugging as to whether I read any more of her stuff. I’m generally a fan of vampire novels, and most of the ones I’ve read have fallen into two categories: sexy or scary, which represents the main two types of vamps in fiction. And really, the creatures in this book don’t fall into either. They’re just kind of there.

The story is about a young woman, Kate, whose aunt secures her an internship at Tasty magazine over a summer break, before she starts med school. And to me, that was the first weird thing. Why would a highly intelligent woman on the verge of joining med school want to work for an airheaded fashion magazine? But still, onwards we go…

From the beginning, it’s clear there’s something odd about the place Kate works, but as we catch on straight away, Kate is altogether slower. Which again, doesn’t sit comfortably with the ‘intelligent’ person she’s supposed to be. The vast majority of the staff at the magazine are vampires, sleeping during the day, having blinds closed, carrying parasols outside and all that jazz. Yet poor Kate is oblivious. Until things start happening, and she eventually catches on…

This book is vamp-lit mixed with a whodunnit. And to be honest, it didn’t really work for me. It was well-written and easy to read (after a slow start), but despite the subject matter, there was no tension, no fear, no goosebumps. I’m sorry to say, it was very ‘blah.’ It was mildly fun and had me chuckling in some places, but the plot didn’t mesh, and the characters weren’t great. In particular, the supposedly fearsome vamps. It is fairly tongue-in-cheek, in its defence, but I’d only pick this up if you see it as a bargain somewhere.

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