Book Review: Avenger’s Angel by Heather Killough-Walden

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Avenger's AngelAvenger’s Angel is the first in a new series of supernatural books, entitled The Lost Angels. If you’re familiar with the mythology, you’ll probably have guessed from the title that this book deals with Uriel, the Angel of Vengeance. The overall plot, without giving too much away, is that Uriel and his brothers, Gabriel, Azrael and Michael were sent down to earth two thousand years ago in order to find their archesses, the other halves that were made for them. After all this time, the archangels haven’t given up on finding their archesses, but they have made lives for themselves. Uriel is now a famous movie star, adored by fans the world over. He copes with the attention but sometimes finds it a little overwhelming. One such instance has him hiding in a girls’ bathroom, where something happens that changes his life forever.

His archess, Ellie, is a beautiful, determined young woman who’s always known she was different, but not why. The arrival of Uriel in her life starts to answer those questions, but before she can find out too much more, the people that have tried to capture her since childhood are back, and Ellie must once again fight for her freedom. But with the archangels on her side, surely she’ll be safe? It quickly transpires that nothing is guaranteed because there are forces in the universe that Ellie and even the four brothers knew nothing of. Their powers are immense, and they want Ellie.

Avenger’s Angel is a very engaging, exciting read. From the beginning I was hooked, and enjoyed how bits and pieces of back story for the characters were thrown in here and there, rather than all coming out at once. It means you learn more all the time, without detracting from the action of the here and now. There’s lots going on in this book, including love, hate, violence, scheming and a whole lot of sexual tension, but it’s not too much. The book is really nicely paced, making you want to keep turning the pages to find out what happens next. Overall, Avenger’s Angel is a fab paranormal romance with some much-welcomed heat thrown in to keep you warm. I’ll definitely be looking out for the other titles in the series.

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