Book Review: Booky Wook 2 – This Time It’s Personal by Russell Brand

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I admit, I picked up my Booky Wook cheap. When I’d finished it, I wanted to read the second book, which I also picked up cheaply. And I have to say that having read them both, my perception of Russell Brand has completely changed.

Booky Wook 2:This Time It’s Personal features the parts of Russell’s career that people are most likely to be familiar with, purely because more people know who he is now. The thing I found most surprising about the book (which Russell says he wrote himself — can anyone confirm this?) is how well written it is.

It’s funny, packed full of unusual and intelligent vocabulary and, perhaps most surprisingly of all, you can imagine that it’s exactly how he speaks, too.

The man is startlingly honest, he doesn’t write in a manner to make himself look better and I think that’s what I liked most about the book. He’s not proud of how he’s behaved in the past and he’s incredibly self-deprecating. It’s actually a refreshing take on him, particularly as he comes across as incredibly arrogant.

All in all, a very entertaining, refreshing and honest read. Even if you don’t like Russell Brand I think you might just start to change your mind after reading this.

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  1. Justine Elyot

    April 15, 2011 at 8:20 pm

    I’m sure he wrote it himself – having seen him live a few times, I have a great admiration for his wit and his fine turn of phrase. I think he’s an intelligent man who is coming out the other side of his wild youth and has a lot to offer for the future.

    (I don’t fancy him though.)