Book Review: Everyone Worth Knowing by Lauren Weisberger

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Everyone Worth KnowingHaving read the book and watched the film of The Devil Wears Prada, I suspected that I’d be in for a good read with Everyone Worth Knowing. I wasn’t wrong. This book is chick lit at its finest.

Everyone Worth Knowing tells the tale of Bette, a headstrong woman living in New York. Despite it never being her life’s dream, she works in banking and hates every moment of it. One day, she decides she’s had enough and leaves. Having no idea what to do next, circumstances and contacts suck her into another job – party planning.

With no experience, Bette has to learn quickly, at the same time ignoring the resentment her colleagues inevitably feel about her getting the job as a favour. However, she quickly proves herself and is soon planning the hottest and most exclusive parties in New York City.

Bette spends days planning parties and evenings attending them, leaving less and less time for her family and friends, let alone her non-existant love life. Soon, her job is her entire life. So when she’s mistakenly linked with a notorious and hot British playboy, she can’t understand it. She’s even more confused when her boss and colleagues encourage it. Going along with it, deep down Bette knows that she’s being used, but is too busy working to take much notice.

But when a vicious gossip columnist called Ellie Insider starts writing untrue and spiteful pieces about her, the harsh reality of her lifestyle hits her. Everyone is out for themselves in the crazy world of fashion and celebrity and if Bette gets sucked in any deeper, she’s afraid she’ll end up just like them. Then there’s the tiny matter of a very real love interest that could be lost if Bette doesn’t make some decisions… and fast.

Overall, I thought this was a fab book. It’s an easy read and is absorbing enough that you’ll whizz through it in no time. It’s definitely more action-based than emotional, but I still found myself really liking Bette and rooting for her. If you’ve read anything else by her, or you enjoy books like Bridget Jones’ Diary, Sex and the City, etc, you’ll like this.

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