Book Review: Naked Truths by Jo Carnegie

Jo Carnegie is a new-to-me author, but based on this romp I’ll definitely be reading more! For saying it has a whopping 537 pages and several interweaving storylines, I still whizzed through it in a couple of days. The writing style is easy to follow and the pace is just right – fast enough to keep you avidly reading, but not so quick that you can’t keep up with what’s going on.

The action is based in two primary locations, the beautiful Cotswolds village of Churchminster, and London. The characters involved are all linked in one way or another which is why I think it was so easy to follow: the storylines are not completely separate. We follow the lives of newlyweds Caro and Benedict – a couple who move to London to be closer to Benedict’s workplace. Caro’s not happy at first, but soon realises that as long as her family are together, she’s happy.

Saffron lives next door to Caro and Benedict in the exclusive Montague Mews. She lives with her aunt as she’s estranged from her mother. She loves London life and all the parties and socialising that go with it. However, when she tags along with good friend Harriet to Churchminster, she realises that country life is not as boring as she’d been led to believe.

Saffron’s boss, magazine editor Catherine Connor is a workaholic. She devotes her entire life to her job, with no social life (other than work-related parties), no family and no boyfriend. She’s somewhat of an enigma. But when a blast from her past turns up, it hits home just how much Catherine has been hiding from her past by immersing herself in the present – and a bottle of wine.

Overall, this was a really gripping read. It’s a fast-paced, sexy and smart chick lit with tons of action. I really enjoyed it. Recommended.

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