Book Review: Rosemary Entwined by Bianca Sommerland

Rosemary Entwined

Rosemary Entwined is Bianca Sommerland’s first published book, and I sure hope it’s not her last!

Rosemary Entwined is like a modern-day Snow White. Only instead of an evil stepmother, it’s Rosemary’s birth mother that’s evil.

Rosemary is a cambion; a half-succubus, half-human. Her mother hates her because she is beautiful and she feels threatened by her, much like in the aforementioned fairy tale. Both women need a nest of men to survive and Rosemary’s mother knows that her daughter’s beauty is such that her own nest may abandon her and go to Rosemary. She has no intention of letting that happen and never stops trying to injure or kill her offspring.

Aside from her evil mother, all is not well in Rosemary’s world. She has a nest of men, there to feed her insatiable hunger for lust, but there is much more to the relationships between them. Each man has genuine feelings for Rosemary, and equally, a little piece of her heart belongs to each of them. However, the nest is not complete. Rosemary needs a prince to strengthen the nest – but it appears her prince is not amongst her men, meaning she has to let one go. Although she wants each man to have a normal life outside of the nest, the thought of letting one go for good breaks her heart.

Soon, she is left with no choice. It becomes a matter of life and death and Rosemary and her men have to act fact in order to keep them all alive.

This was a fab read! I’ve read lots of paranormal stuff in the past, but never anything quite like this. Rosemary Entwined mixes fairy tales, supernatural creatures, love, lust and erotica together effortlessly and produces a book you won’t want to put down. I confess, I did struggle to keep track of all the men in Rosemary’s life, but with all that hot sex going on, it’s no wonder my brain was fried!

If you’re into this unique kind of erotica, then you won’t be disappointed. It’s excellent.

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