Book Review: The Candy Box by Kojo Black

The Candy BoxThe Candy Box is an erotic book split into two parts. The first, Candy Cottage, is the story of a place of utter decadence and naughtiness, unsurprisingly called… Candy Cottage! People come and go, with or without partners and have their ultimate sexual wishes and fantasies fulfilled. The staff that work there delight their patrons with hot sessions and send them on their way, completely satiated.

Part two is called The Harward Girls. This deals with a private school of music for girls only. The teachers, far from being stiff, dull types are as sexually charged as their students, and as well as teaching them how to get the  best out of their instruments, they open them up to a world of sexual experience beyond their wildest dreams. I’d like to point out, though, that although it’s a school, there is no under age sex going on here. It’s implied that all the students are above the age of consent.

Each half of the book is split up into a series of short stories, which are actually more like snippets from the lives of the characters in each part. Each tale alights on a scene of extreme naughtiness. What makes The Candy Box so unique, however, is the fact that as well as it being packed full of very hot erotic stories, it’s also illustrated. And there are no stick drawings to be seen here… no! Lara Addams, who provided the art for these stories is exceptionally skilled. The drawings are just as sexy as the stories, let me tell you! The detail is absolutely incredible.

As an erotic book, The Candy Box is a definite win. It’s absolutely not for those looking for erotic romance, though. These stories are about as filthy as it gets and when you include the illustrations, which zoom right in on the action… yes, right in… this is not a read for the easily offended. The stories are very obviously written by a man. Of course I know they are, but even if I hadn’t, I would have made that assumption. The language is very explicit and graphic, meaning these stories are all absolutely smoking hot from beginning to end. There’s no messing about here – it’s hot, hot, hot from cover to cover.

A couple of minor editing issues distracted me every now and again, but on the whole I found it a very enjoyable book. So, if like me, you’re happy to read a truly filthy book filled with beautifully drawn explicit drawings, then The Candy Box is for you. Word of warning, though, this is not a read for the bus or train… trust me, this is a bedroom book! 😉

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