Book Review: The Woman He Loved Before by Dorothy Koomson

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The Woman He Loved BeforeAs a fan of Dorothy Koomson, I’ve been coveting this book ever since it was released – and with good reason. The Woman He Loved Before is a mystery right from the title – and has you asking questions right until the very end. This novel tells the story of Libby, a feisty young woman who falls for widower Jack. After initial resistance on Libby’s part, the two have a whirlwind relationship and get married. Libby couldn’t be happier, until a tragic event throws her life off course and makes her question whether Jack is really over his late wife, Eve, and whether he loves Libby at all.

The deeper Libby digs into Jack’s past, and the seemingly perfect Eve, the more fascinated she becomes. Libby starts to unearth devastating secrets, and she quickly realises that they are in fact very dangerous secrets, too. Soon, Libby wonders whether she, too, will end up like Jack’s last wife…

As I mentioned before, The Woman He Loved Before has you asking questions right until the end. Koomson’s powerful writing, and the way the book has been structured means that you’re drip fed information, which keeps you hanging on for more… and more. The book gets darker and mysterious as you keep reading, with enough twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat right until the very last page. It’s a brilliant, gripping plot and possibly Koomson’s best book to date. I’d definitely recommend this to fans of light mysteries and matters of the heart.

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