Breaking Dawn – Stephenie Meyer

Breaking Dawn is the final installment in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga, so if you haven’t read my previous reviews and this is all new to you, it’s a good idea to go back and read my reviews of Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse before continuing.

The first three books told the tale of Bella Swan and her move to Forks, Washington, where she met Edward Cullen. And it was then her life changed forever. Bella fell in love. With a vampire. Luckily for Bella, the Cullens are vegetarian – that is, they don’t believe in taking human lives. Breaking Dawn begins with the last days of Bella’s human life, and then continues with the marriage of Bella and Edward, and what happens beyond that. And this is where I don’t want to write a spoiler, so I’ll skirt around it the best I can. The newlyweds go off on a beautiful honeymoon and have a wonderful start to life and husband and wife – but in true Twilight style, things don’t stay normal for long.

They travel back to the rest of the Cullen clan, and before long, all hell has broken loose, with Bella right in the centre of all the trouble. It’s now time for everyone to pull together, despite their differences, and fight against what is threatening them and their very existence. Bella is prepared to fight for her life and her determination, as well as her new immortal form reveal power she never knew she had. But will it be enough? Can Bella and her allies survive the biggest threat to all vampires – more vampires? Only one way to find out…

After reading this, I still preferred the third book, Eclipse. Yes, there’s tons of action to be crammed into this book, but I still felt there were bits that could have been trimmed down. I didn’t see the ‘twist’ coming but I wasn’t altogether surprised because I’ve seen a very similar storyline in one of my favourite drama series. However, it was a great ending to the saga, but it’s also left it wide open for continuation, if Stephenie Meyer decides she wants to pocket a few more quid. And fair play to her if she does. I’ll definitely continue reading if she writes more!

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