Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason – Helen Fielding

The second hilarious installment in the life of Bridget Jones doesn’t disappoint. At the end of the last novel we saw her finally find happiness. However, as the saying goes;the course of true love never runs smooth. And there was never a truer word spoken when discussing Miss Jones. In fact, her life doesn’t run smoothly, full stop.

After discovering Mark Darcy has been having an affair with his secretary, Bridget ends up far from home and in a spot of bother, well more than one, after unwittingly indulging in the consumption of magic mushrooms. This in turn leads to bigger trouble and Bridget ends up in jail facing up to ten years.

Alone, boyfriendless, and now with no chance of ever having a child, Bridget prepares to waste away in prison.

But all is not what it seems….

This book is excellent. You never know what is going to happen next. If you’ve seen the film first you’ll be a little confused but realise why they’ve had to adapt it the way they did. Definitely worth a read. I love it.

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