Cafe Tropicana – Belinda Jones

This is a cracking book. I really enjoyed the previous book by Jones I read, which was Divas Las Vegas and this one was no exception. Jones is either incredibly well travelled or excellent at research, because the way she describes foreign countries and culture, you feel like you’re there yourself.

This is the story of Ava Langston, a young woman stuck in a job she hates, with just one dream in life – to own and run her own coffee shop. With a little help from her friends, Ava decides not to wait any longer, and she gets the ball rolling. However, just when it seems as though she’s going to achieve her life long dream, a spanner is thrown in the works.

Then, just as it seems things can’t get any worse for Ava, she receives a phone call from her absentee father who kindly notifies her he has recently got married, and that he’d like her to come over and run a coffee shop in Costa Rica. Amid anger, confusion, and desperation, Ava heads out to see what on Earth is going on.

Things aren’t all they seem. Ava, drawn thousands of miles under false pretences is livid when she discovers she will be employee, not boss, of the coffee shop. Her rival, Santiago is clearly held in high regard by Ava’s father, and she internally declares full scale war with this impossible Latino man.

To keep the peace, Dean Langston announces his daughter and Santiago are to work in direct competition with each other on the coffee shop, and whoever proves the biggest success will win the shop and full Management rights.

What started as hatred slowly becomes tolerance and even camaraderie between Ava and Santiago, and things don’t seem so bad. Until the rampant Ryan turns up and turns Ava’s world upside down. Much to her disappointment, Santiago appears to have gone all moody again. Men, eh?

Caught in a subtle tug of war between two men, contending with a psychotic stepmother and a father with strange ideas… Ava turns to the coffee shop for solace. But will she win the competition? And who will win her heart?

I highly recommend this. I loved it, it was definitely an ‘unputdownable’ book, and for a change I didn’t see a lot of it coming! It has some beautiful descriptions and enough romance to melt even the hardest heart.

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