Carpe Corpus: The Morganville Vampires Book Six – Rachel Caine

Book six and the storyline is still going strong. **spoiler alert** – Claire and her friends are still pretty much in one piece, even after everything that has happened to them. Claire is still being forced to work for evil vampire Bishop, although she’s still loyal to Amelie.

Bishop is still revelling in his victory, ordering people around left, right and centre. And although most people are just going along with it for a quiet life – and to stay alive – there are some who areĀ  seriously unhappy. There’s an underground resistance which is rapidly making its way to the surface, and Bishop must find a way to contain it before it’s too late. His plan is as brutal as all the rest – obliterate everybody that stands in his way, human or vampire, and raise the town of Morganville to the ground.

Naturally, Claire and her buddies are unwilling to stand by and let this happen, and they gather as many allies as they can to battle Bishop – whilst all the time making him believe they’re still on his side.

Meanwhile, Claire is learning more and more about the workings of Morganville and how to manipulate them. The trouble is the more she knows, the more valuable she becomes. Before she knows it, Claire is a pawn in a very important game of chess. But what happens next? Only time will tell…

Another powerful book in the series, this one is totally action packed and easier to follow than the last one. I really enjoy the way that more and more information unravels about each character as time goes on. Just as you think you know somebody, you find out something else. It really keeps your interest in the story as a whole as you’re digesting one small part of it. An excellent read.

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