Cassandra’s Conflict – Fredrica Alleyn

Having heard mixed reports on this novel, I was eager to read it myself. My first thought was that since it was the first Black Lace title ever published, that it would be a little tame. However, this is far from the truth! Cassandra’s Conflict is the tale of a young woman employed as a governess to two young children. However, Cassandra soon discovers that her employer has an ulterior motive. She is soon drawn into the wild and decadent world of sexual perversion, where games include submission and domination, spanking, humiliation, toys and much more.

Cassandra, who had previously had next to no sexual experience, resists. She doesn’t understand what is happening and believes that it’s wrong. However, she is more than a little in love with her employer, the Baron, so she eventually submits and does as she is told just to stay close to him. Soon, Cassandra comes to realise she more than enjoys the world of sexual pleasure, pain and humiliation. At the same time, she is pitted against the Baron’s fiancee, Katya, in a desperate battle of wills to see who gets to stay with the Baron, and who will be leaving the Hampstead mansion. Only reading the book will tell you what happens next…

Overall, I really enjoyed this. As I said, I wasn’t sure what to expect, given the mixed reviews. However, it’s incredibly well written. I did find the plot a little far-fetched, but I was drawn into the book so quickly that I soon forgot my misgivings! The characters are excellently portrayed, and their kinky games were described in great detail. There were some things which I did find went almost beyond perverted and didn’t do anything for me. But the vast majority of this book was really sexy and got me going! However, I’m pretty unshockable, so I think those that have more gentle tastes than mine perhaps wouldn’t appreciate this. But those who enjoy reading about sub/dom relationships, particularly those taken to extremes, will love this book.

Excellently written, and completely compelling. I couldn’t put it down.

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