Celebrity Bride – Alison Kervin

I loved Alison Kervin’s previous novels, [intlink id=”418″ type=”post”]The WAG’s Diary[/intlink] and [intlink id=”458″ type=”post”]A WAG Abroad[/intlink] so I looked forward to reading this one. Kervin’s writing style is very easy to follow and her barmy characters are guaranteed to have you laughing out loud on several occasions – probably to the annoyance of those around you.

Celebrity Bride is the story of Kelly Monsoon. A pretty, curvy, normal girl with an average job has her world turned upside down when she meets superstar actor Rufus George. Kelly had never even expected to meet the guy the world’s women were lusting over, let alone end up dating him. The couple keep their relationship totally secret, not being ready to deal with the media fall-out. As they grow closer and fall in love, Rufus asks Kelly to move in with him. Unfortunately, this doesn’t succeed in passing under the media radar.

Soon, Kelly’s face is all over the television and newspapers, and their relationship is out there for everyone to see and scrutinise. Rufus, with his entourage, mansion, staff and millions in the bank is used to this kind of attention. But for Kelly, it’s a whole new ball game. One she must learn to play if her relationship with Rufus is to continue and thrive.

However, it’s not made easy for them. Kelly’s past is dragged up in the press. Every little misdemeanor suddenly becomes public property, which hurts Kelly and those close to her. Things spiral out of control until Kelly is unsure if she can cope – is Rufus really her dream man, and therefore worth all this pain?

Celebrity Bride is a really good read. If you’ve read Kervin’s previous novels, you’ll be familiar with the writing style, and the naive yet sweet main characters. The book constantly made me laugh out loud and was even touching in places. It’s chick-lit just as we like it. Funny, silly and with a few tears along the way.

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