Chilli Heat – Carrie Williams

Chilli Heat is the story of Nadia and her mother Valerie on their trip to India. Nadia’s friend has let her down, and so to avoid losing money or cancelling, recently-divorced Valerie decides to go along. Nadia isn’t sure how to feel about this at first – but is soon resigned to the idea.

On arrival at their first destination in India – Valerie refuses to stay in the hotel which Nadia had arranged, much to her disgust. She feels as though her mother is trying to take over what is essentially her trip. Nadia is in this country to discover herself. As the child of an Indian father and a white British mother, she feels as though she is stuck between two cultures. And that’s not all. Nadia also believes she’s stuck between two sexualities. Confused about her fantasies about both men and women, Nadia hopes India will reconcile her mixed up feelings once and for all.

It soon becomes apparent that Valerie isn’t going to be a calming influence on this journey. For on her first night, she spends the evening with a man! And from there, she appears unstoppable! Her sexual appetite extends to several lovers throughout the duration of their stay in India – and some of the men are more suitable than others.

Meanwhile, poor Nadia is trying to get a grip on her sexuality as well as seeing the country she came to see. But there are many distractions. Hot bisexual women, kind and gorgeous men… Nadia is unwilling to jump into bed with just anyone, particularly given her confusion and the fact she’s still a virgin.
Their stay in India opens the minds of both Valerie and Nadia, and they both learn a great deal about themselves in the country and apply their new-found knowledge to their futures. But who knows if it will be for the best?

This wasn’t a bad book on the whole. I did feel that it was a little rushed, though. Valerie appeared to go from a fairly shy and conservative woman to a sexual demon almost overnight, and the ending of the book in particular seemed to develop very quickly. I would have liked to see more detail in the storyline at the end (I can’t say too much, I don’t want to give it away) because I think it would have had a much better effect then.

However, this is the first book for Black Lace from Carrie Williams, and I enjoyed it. The sex scenes were very different and varied, which obviously is key in an erotic novel. Despite the sexual encounters of the two women, it was still a fairly vanilla book… but then I’m almost unshockable!
I enjoyed Chilli Heat and I’d recommend it to erotica fans, but it was nowhere near the best Black Lace novel I’ve read.

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