Club Dead – Charlaine Harris

Club Dead is book three in The Southern Vampire Mysteries. It begins with Bill, heroine Sookie’s vampire boyfriend, taking a trip. He’s on some top secret mission which he’s not even allowed to tell Sookie about, and he implies it could be dangerous. When he’s not back after a few days, Sookie fears the worst.

So, it appears, does his sexy boss Eric Northman. Soon, Sookie is taking another trip across country. This time she’s off to Jackson, Mississippi. And so enters another supernatural element, in the shape of her escort, werewolf Alcide Herveaux. It’s Alcide’s job to get Sookie into Club Dead, a supernatural hangout, so she can do what she does best – eavesdrop on human’s thoughts. She hopes to find out who, or what, has Bill in order to go and rescue him.

Soon, her power comes up trumps and she finds out just what’s going on. But in typical Sookie style, nothing is straightforward and she ends up causing a fight which results in her escort, Alcide, turning to his werewolf self and chasing off into the night. Sookie’s alone and hurt, until Eric turns up. Reluctant to let him be her white knight, Sookie tries to keep him at arm’s length, but soon realises she has little choice if she wishes to maintain her own safety. And so the plot thickens.

Sookie ends up closer to Bill’s captors than she ever thought possible, but at the same time she’s compromised. She’s found out some information about the (late) man who claims to love her that makes her wonder whether she should bother rescuing him at all…

Another spellbinding storyline, with the introduction of new characters, some fleeting, some here to stay. Sookie’s love life hots up too, in the most unexpected places. Ms. Stackhouse is certainly a likeable character, and you find yourself rooting for her, never mind what she says or does. Luckily, there’s more where this came from…

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