Continuum – Portia Da Costa

Having adored Portia’s Gothic Blue I couldn’t wait to read another of her books. This was the next one on my list – and again, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was hot and sexy in a totally different way to Gothic Blue, because it was all about ‘normal’ people with very extraordinary parallel lives. The high-flying financial whizz Joanna works hard in her job at a successful firm. Her hard work doesn’t go unnoticed, and she’s considered the ‘golden girl’ of the company, because she does her job well and keeps the clients happy.

However, one day Joanna’s calm exterior cracks and she lets rip at a client and tells him exactly what she thinks of him. Immediately regretting her actions, she’s convinced she’ll be sacked as soon as her boss finds out what’s happened. Presently, she’s called into his office. Psyching herself up for dismissal, Joanna is surprised when her head becomes filled of thoughts totally inappropriate for the situation… sexy thoughts of her one-time lover Kevin, of her hard-as-nails boss screwing his secretary. Joanna thinks she’s going mad, and enters Halloran’s office a little worse for wear.

Joanna’s hard work has obviously paid off, because she isn’t sacked. Instead she’s to be given a second chance, providing she goes for some R&R at Whiteoaks, a health spa chosen for her by her boss and his slimy HR sidekick. Joanna, suspecting some kind of trick, refuses… until she realises she hasn’t been given a choice.

Packed off to Whiteoaks, Joanna decides to take advantage of the situation and treats herself to magazines for the journey. She picks up one she’s never read before, packed full of erotic images which set her overactive imagination off once more. Perhaps this trip is just what she needs…

On arrival, Joanna realises she’s been set up. There hasn’t been a room booked at the spa for her at all. The kindly receptionist says she’s more than welcome to pay and use the facilities, but there are no free rooms whatsoever. Annoyed, she curses Halloran and the slimy Davidson for sending her on this wild goose chase, believing it to be some kind of practical joke designed to punish her for her behaviour. Soon enough, she realises, they want to punish her, but not in the way that she thinks.

After a “chance” encounter at the spa, Joanna is drawn into a world of sexual deviance which she comes to think of as the Continuum – people who appear totally flawless and professional on the surface, but who engage in acts she’d never – until recently – dreamt of. Punishment in the most brutal way; spankings, whippings, and hot passionate sex. Shocked at first, Joanna recoils from the world; but after a relatively gentle introduction, she realises that perhaps this is what she’s been craving all along.

Sucked deeper into the world of the Continuum, Joanna meets other members of this special ‘club,’ some she knows – or at least thought she did – some she doesn’t. On her journey of self-discovery, Joanna realises that she does want to be part of the Continuum elite, in fact, there’s nowhere else she’d rather be.

Another smouldering offering from Ms. Da Costa. Joanna’s gradual introduction into the world of BDSM is incredibly hot, as the reader feels as though they too are on the journey. Imagining all those goings-on behind closed doors whilst the rest of the world wanders past oblivious is definitely food for thought. A very erotic read; mainly because it’s not just about out-and-out fucking, there’s an incredibly sexy aside that makes this an educational read as well as an entertaining one. Recommended for erotica and BDSM lovers.

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