Curse the Dawn – Karen Chance

This is the sixth Karen Chance book I’ve read – and I still haven’t had enough! The fourth book in the Cassandra Palmer series, Curse the Dawn follows on from [intlink id=”406″ type=”post”]Touch the Dark[/intlink], [intlink id=”175″ type=”post”]Claimed by Shadow[/intlink] and [intlink id=”450″ type=”post”]Embrace the Night[/intlink]. I’ve also read both of the Dorina Basarab books currently in existence, [intlink id=”1036″ type=”post”]Midnight’s Daughter[/intlink] and [intlink id=”1684″ type=”post”]Death’s Mistress[/intlink].

Cassandra Palmer, or Cassie as she prefers to be known, is the world’s chief clairvoyant. She has visions and is able to time travel. In this fourth tale, Cassie is close to coming to an arrangement with the Silver Circle, a magical organisation that’s been trying to kill her for years. If the deal is sealed, then she’ll be officially welcomed as Pythia – her ‘job title,’ as it were. However, it seems the Circle, or at least some of its more unscrupulous members are not ready to see her welcomed – and so continue with their assassination attempts.

After narrowly escaping her captor’s clutches, Cassie invests in some weapons and magical devices to help keep her safe. However, one of them works in mysterious ways and ends up swapping her body with her close companion, Pritkin. Both parties are both pretty traumatised by this side effect, but they must continue fighting their enemies and get themselves back to safety before the world as they know it comes to an end.

Curse the Dawn is a riveting read. If you’ve read the previous books and know all the characters and their backgrounds, you’ll enjoy this immensely. It hasn’t quite got some of the steamy tension of the previous books, but it’s still fab.

You can read it as a standalone book, but I think you’ll struggle to keep track of what’s going on. You’d be better picking up the first one, Touch the Dark, and seeing if you like that. If you do, then I’d recommend buying the other three in the Cassandra Palmer series as well as the two currently on sale as part of the Dorina Basarab series. Urban fantasy fans should not be without these books.

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