Daisy’s Back in Town – Rachel Gibson

Having never read a Little Black Dress book before, I had no idea what to expect. I’d also never read a book by Rachel Gibson before, so I started reading Daisy’s Back in Town with a completely open mind.

Daisy’s Back in Town is the tale of – yes, you’ve guessed it – Daisy Monroe. She’s arrived back in Lovett, Texas after fifteen years away. And things have changed big style. Daisy left town after marrying her lover’s best friend, and after the death of her husband she’s back to put a few things straight. You see, when Daisy left town she was pregnant with her childhood sweetheart’s baby. Thing is, Jack Parrish had just lost both his parents in a horrific car crash, and rather than relying on Daisy for support, he pushes her away.

Pregnant and terrified, Daisy confides in her other best friend, Steven, who promptly offers to marry her. Both Jack and Steven have been in love with Daisy for a long time, and Steven never had any idea about Daisy’s relationship with Jack until she confessed she was pregnant. But he does the honorable thing, and they marry. Needless to say, Jack is less than impressed, and they leave town to have a life together, with Steven bringing up Jack’s child.

Jack is left heartbroken and vows never to let a woman get close enough to him emotionally to hurt him like Daisy did. Trouble is, he wasn’t betting on Daisy blasting back into his life with a big announcement – that Nathan is his son, not Steven’s. As the truth comes tumbling out, everyone involved is thrown into turmoil, and life in Lovett will never be the same.

I really enjoyed this book. Although the eventual plot developments were a little obvious, it was incredibly well written, funny and sexy. The descriptions of sexual chemistry and the act itself were very hot, without being graphic or obscene. Definitely more naughty than your average chick-lit. I thought all the characters were well portrayed and I felt myself rooting for some, and booing others off the stage (theoretically of course). This book didn’t totally rock my world because as I said, I saw the ending coming, but I enjoyed it cover to cover and would read a book by this author again, no questions asked.

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