Dead and Gone – Charlaine Harris

Dead and Gone is book number nine in The Southern Vampire Mysteries. It tells the story of what happens when the two-natured, that is, weres and shifters, decide to “come out.” On the whole, it worked OK for the vampires, so this element of the supernatural community have decided that they’re next. Sookie Stackhouse, of course, knows all about what’s going on, given her brother is a were, her boss is a shifter and she a friend of the local were pack.

Everything starts off reasonably well, but then a were-panther is found dead in Merlotte’s car park. Sookie agrees to use her telepathic abilities to see if she can track down the killer, before anybody is wrongly accused. However, Sookie is quickly in trouble as she discovers there is a much more immediate threat to her life. An ancient race of beings are present in Bon Temps. They’re more powerful than the vamps and the weres; and some of them are out to get Sookie. She must call on all of her friends, supernatural or non- to help protect her and those around her. Will she escape unscathed? Only one way to find out…

Overall, I felt this book was another valuable addition to the series. Sookie, despite everything she’s been through, is still a likeable¬† character. The relationship between her and Eric Northman is further explored in this novel, and it’s certainly hotting up! A very enjoyable book, which I whizzed through and then instantly picked up the next one…

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