Dead Gorgeous – Toni Sands

Dead Gorgeous is the story of Fenella – or Nella, as she prefers to be called. Her best friend drags her along to a seance against her better judgement. She’s completely skeptical about the whole communicating with the dead thing, so when she starts to feel the presence of Rory, her teenage crush, she’s understandably confused. But she’s having incredibly erotic experiences at completely random times, feeling hands touching her, smelling that familiar cologne. Soon, Nella can’t deny that Rory is around as he appears in her car – looking all the world as if he belongs there. Trouble is, Rory’s dead.

All Rory wants to do is give her pleasure, and he admits he’s wanted to do so since she was jailbait. However, now both of them are free to do as they please – they do. And boy, does Rory know how to give pleasure. Nella starts to wonder if there’s some kind of world record for the number of orgasms received in a day, and Rory just keeps supplying them. But soon, Nella will have to come back to reality and start living life again. Soon, she realises that’s just what Rory was around for – to help her get over her scumbag ex and prepare to let herself fall in love again. In the meantime, though, she enjoys a great deal of very hot sex.

I really enjoyed this short story. Normally, I don’t like erotic ghost stories, I find them a turn-off. But somehow, Rory is a very “real” ghost and the sex scenes between he and Nella are extremely erotic and fun. For saying the subject matter is quite serious, and the ending poignant, the story has a fun undercurrent. And well, Rory is hot – he can haunt me any day!

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