Dead to the World – Charlaine Harris

Book number four in The Southern Vampire Mysteries, Dead to the World is my favourite so far. The action hots up in this novel when Sookie is driving home from work and she sees a naked vampire running by the side of the road. Most people would just drive by, but not Sookie. She stops, and the vampire she’s picked up is Eric. Trouble is, he doesn’t know he’s Eric. He has no idea who he is, what he does, who Sookie is, or anything. His memory has been completely wiped. Luckily, he’s aware that he’s a vampire, so at least Sookie knows he won’t accidentally do anything that may kill him. Like wander outside during the day, or something.

Eric’s amnesia disturbs Sookie for many reasons. One, because whoever took Eric’s memory would also quite willingly end his life. Two, because it makes him vulnerable. Three, because Eric with amnesia is a nice Eric; sweet, kind and helpful. And Sookie finds herself falling for him… not a good idea.

Soon, Sookie’s investigation to what is going on leads her into trouble. There’s much more to Eric’s memory loss than meets the eye, and what’s happening affects an awful lot of supernatural beings, and regular human beings, too. So can Sookie and her friends stop the evil before it’s too late? Or is the big bad scary Viking vampire destined to be a pussy cat for the rest of eternity?

As I said before, this is my favourite book of the series so far. Eric’s new personality is nicer and yet still as amusing as his regular one. The juxtaposition between Sookie’s new domestic situation with her sexy vampire and the danger which lurks outside keeps you right on edge. There are also some pretty hot and sexy scenes in this novel which will certainly get your pulse racing…

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