Death’s Mistress – Karen Chance

Death’s Mistress is the second book in the Dorina Basarab series. I reviewed the first, [intlink id=”1036″ type=”post”]Midnight’s Daughter[/intlink], a while ago and enjoyed it. In fact, I’d go so far as to say Karen Chance is rather fabulous.

Dorina, or Dory as she prefers to be called is a dhampir – half-human, half-vampire – and the only way she can stay sane is by unleashing her sometimes uncontrollable rage on demons and vampires that deserve killing. At the beginning of the book, she’s hoping her life will be calm for a while – or at least as calm as it gets for her. She’s doing some work for her father, Mircea, to earn some cash and have some fun.

However, the quiet period of her life doesn’t last long at all, as two things happen at once. Her best friend Claire arrives, asking for Dory’s help in finding a magical relic; and the gorgeous vampire Louis-Cesare turns up. He too, is looking for something – his former mistress, Christine. Dory soon discovers that the two visitors’ causes are connected – it’s rumoured that the master vampire currently holding Christine is also in possession of the missing relic. Things quickly become more complicated.

Dory and Louis-Cesare have a past, so seeing him so eager to find Christine is hurtful, but if she can enlist his help to find the vamp with the relic, she’ll have a better chance of helping Claire. So she swallows her pride and does what she does best – gets on with it. However, Dory and Louis-Cesare discover there’s more at stake when Christine’s new master turns up dead – putting Louis-Cesare firmly in the frame.

Now Louis-Cesare is on the run, desperate to find the true killer before he’s forced to stand trial. Because he knows it won’t be a fair trial – and either way he stands to lose everything. The unlikely duo must find out what’s really going on, before it’s too late.

I didn’t enjoy this quite so much as the previous book, but it was still damn good and had me snatching minutes here and there, desperate to find out what happened next. Dory is a fab character; she’s a kick-ass chick with attitude, and some of her quips really make me laugh. What I like about these books is although they work as standalone novels, they’re better somehow when you’ve read more of them – i.e. the Dorina Basarab series also has several characters in common with the Cassandra Palmer series, so if you’ve read all the books, you have a richer experience. And I’d definitely recommend it. Don’t just read this one – read them all!

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