Definitely Dead – Charlaine Harris

Sookie’s certainly in hot water in book number six, Definitely Dead. She finds out that her cousin Hadley, a vampire, is dead. She was the lover of New Orleans’ vampire queen and has left Sookie all her belongings. So Sookie must travel to the New Orleans area, to her cousin’s apartment and sort through her inheritance. However, it’s not that simple. Someone is trying to prevent Sookie from digging around too much in Hadley’s life. What is it that they’re worried she might discover?

Typically, Sookie carries on regardless, knowing she’s in danger. She has to get to the bottom of what’s going on. In the meantime, she gets to know the vampire queen. She does have some protection from her cousin’s past lover, but really, Sookie can’t trust anyone. Will she find out who’s out to get her?

Just to complicate matters, a love interest is thrown into Sookie’s life, so she’s guarding her heart as well as the rest of her. Overall, this is one of the weaker books. It’s vital to further the narrative of Sookie’s life, but there are a great deal of characters thrown in, and it’s difficult to keep them all straight. Other better-loved characters take a back seat in this book too, which may have dampened my enjoyment. Still… it’s essential reading for fans of the series.

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