Derbyshire Ghosts and Legends – David Bell

As a complete obsessive with all things ghostly and legendary, I knew I would find this book of interest. I’ve yet to be proved either way as to whether ghosts exist, but I nevertheless find it all very interesting, particularly when it’s in relation to my local area. The stories are divided up by area, and arranged in alphabetical order which is useful when you need to refer back to the book to find something. There is also enough detail in many of these tales to find these places should you wish to do so.

Overall this is a well-researched and put together book, and is a great reference title for anyone interested in spooky happenings. Derbyshire Ghosts and Legends is part of a series which covers many areas of the UK – so if you want to find out more about your local area and it’s creepy past, then you should grab the relevant title for your area!

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