Diary of a Jetsetting Call Girl – Tracy Quan

The third in the series, Diary of a Jetsetting Call Girl was running the risk of being an unnecessary dragging out of the storyline. What it actually turned out to be was a very entertaining read! High class call girl Nancy is now married, and still successfully hiding her secret from her husband and his family. At least, until her favourite customer invites her to his luxury villa in Provence. It’s a ridiculous amount of money to turn down, but will Nancy get away with it?

The risk of not meeting her quota, and disappointing her favourite john has her constructing an elaborate plan to “go and see her mother” in France. Once the lies are told, Nancy looks forward to some time away from Manhattan and her husband. She has playmates coming along to help her entertain the Viagra-taking Milt, and now the fun can begin!

However, on Nancy’s arrival in France, things quickly start to become more complicated. Milt’s enigmatic cook Duncan is disarmingly attractive, and despite the fact that he’s gay, Nancy quickly develops a strong attraction to him. He begins to appear in her erotic fantasies, so much so that she has her first genuine orgasm whilst having sex with Milt. Nancy then begins to question everything she knows, and has known for some time. Are things really as they seem?

Havoc descends on Nancy’s trip, both in and out of the beautiful villa setting, and as Nancy’s husband Matt gets increasingly inquisitive, she begins to panic. Is her marriage in danger? Is her entire life as she knows it about to change?

What a fun book this is! It’s not the best of the three (it’s been a while since I read it, but I thought this first was better) but it’s sexy, sassy and very naughty in places! I was enthralled from start to finish and I thoroughly recommend it. But if you haven’t read the other two books, read them first or it won’t make much sense!

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